With salad heads into the wiesentheider jungle

Jungle night in wiesentheid offered five hours of fun, atmosphere and entertainment in the fully occupied steigerwald hall. The kolping carnival society (kokage) had once again brought in some top-class performers from the french cabaret scene for the program. In addition sitzungsprasident stefan friend could rely on its troop. With the dances the six groups, dance mariechen and dance pair supplied again a proof for the strong dance level. For the first time, the two new junior formations of the "rainbow guard" took part and the "gentle-boys, further evidence of the great work being done by the fiber eights with young people.

In the butt, helga bachner and tatjana kapp as "betty and irmgard" took care of the rest two ladies for the local color. First of all, they had the steigerwaldhalle in mind, which they had to inspect from the public order office. The audience was involved, and they repeatedly made allusions to local topics, such as the salad factory. "Instead of flowers, there must be lettuce heads on it", irmgard criticized the table decoration in the hall. In addition, the two checked with a folding rule whether the distances between the seats were correct. You have to be careful there, too. "It is not so unusual that one leaves the meeting if one does not like something", they went into a local council meeting.

Mcdonalds instead of starz butcher shop

District administrator tamara bischof was asked for fashion advice, preferably during a joint trip to wachenroth. Finally they both sat down on the "passenger bench", to ponder from there about what is happening in the town. The controversial new toilet at the church got its fat off in the process.

How to "wisthad and betty and irmgard gave suggestions for the election program. A bathing lake in the castle park or the former butcher's store starz a mcdonalds branch, that would be it. Finally, at least the "party bus" stopped, who is usually in town only at the music mile on the way, to take the two ladies with him. The musicians, markus grunewald and christian kraus, who sang their hit "ubergewicht", were also on the bench with betty and irmgard sang.

Mac harder kicked off the show as the "king of france." If mayor knaier had a candidate for the upcoming elections, harder wanted to know. "What, just one? You're not very popular there, he concluded from his answer. Everything was better in the old days anyway, harder claimed, using examples to illustrate his point.

The peculiarities of the french

He also devoted himself to the peculiarities of the french language, as georg koniger did later on. He had taken a VHS course specifically to learn the word "fei" to put right, he admitted. The munster-born koniger was amazed at his premiere by the packed hall and the level of the session.

On the other hand, cabaret colleague "das eich" was already a frequent guest, alias stefan eichner, guest of the kokage. "This is a great event", praised the kulmbach. True to his motto "relaxed franke" he provided again with some quaint stories and jokes for atmosphere. Example: son asks: "dad, why don't you drive a porsche??" The reason asks for the reason, so eich's answer. As herbert gronemeyer- and udo lindenberg-parody he appealed.

Fabian wahler, alias "fabi for future," from the black eleven in schweinfurt, germany, presented his work, his view of climate change. He also presented the solution with his five-point-plan. Nina chocolaty reported in the butt as "frankonia" about their difficulties, how hard it is to prevail in bavaria against their rough sister bavaria. After midnight, christoph maul, another well-known figure from the frankonia carnival and cabaret scene, brought the evening to a close. The french simply tick differently, he pointed out by way of example.

At the end, the president of the meeting, stefan freund, gave a big thank you to the countless people involved and helping hands of the kokage family. Whether young or old, you just spurte the cohesion. This was not only evident at the joint closing of all performers on the stage.

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