Water rescue is ready for the new season

Water rescue is ready for the new season

In bright sunshine, the kulmbach waterwatch local group opened the 2018 swimming season at the outdoor pool with the traditional swim-up. With the swim, which focused on a rescue exercise, the kulmbach local group documented that it will be present for safety at the oberauhof and the open-air swimming pool in the coming summer months and will provide water rescue and sanitation services in alternation with the DLRG. At oberauhof the local group kulmbach is supported by the local groups mainleus and himmelkron.

No regrowth problems

The local group is well on the way in the training of the active and in the youth work. Currently, the group has 23 active members and 57 children from 7 to 15 years old.

Swimming badges handed over

By local group chairman gerhard spindler the german youth swimming badge in bronze was presented to justus goppner, alex keulicht, felix frenkel, paul sancu and madelaine zuber; the youth swimming badge in silver was awarded to maja-sophie karbe and the certificate junior-first-aider went to maximilan senf and felix goppner. The deputy youth leader ivonne otto was handed out the swimming certificate, which entitles her to conduct beginner swimming courses.
The technical directors fabio huhnlein and walter feyer have prepared a comprehensive training program for the children's and youth group (see info box). Spindler as well as the responsible persons in the area of training were particularly pleased that 14 young people will complete the training for junior water rescuer in bronze in the near future.
From the district water rescue, represented by the leader lutz striewski and the technical leader chris wire, new digital radios were handed over to the local group, which are necessary for the rescue service.

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