Vr-bank donates a total of 9000 euros to nine schools

Vr-bank donates a total of 9000 euros to nine schools

The VR-bank oberfranken mitte’s annual donation to the schools in the kronach area, where it is possible to obtain a higher degree than the quali, has already become a tradition.

Division director hans-jurgen mohrle was pleased to be able to support a wide variety of measures and purchases at schools again this year. "We owe the available funds to our loyal "profit savers", mohrle was quoted as handing over the donation checks to the representatives of the nine recipient schools together with the heads of the business units thomas kolb (kronach main office), rene borke (pressig) and frank wicklein (steinbach/wald). Profit savings is a clever combination of savings and lottery. Four euros are saved from the five-euro monthly lottery ticket. One euro is used for the raffle, where there are great prizes to be won. Just a short time ago, a winner from the pressig branch was able to enjoy a main prize of 10,000 euros. 25 cents of every ticket is used to support charitable and benevolent institutions, facilities and associations – in keeping with the cooperative spirit of the founder of the raiffeisengenossenschaft, friedrich wilhelm raiffeisen. The cooperative concept is also what distinguishes his bank from other credit institutions. Unlike other banks, the VR bank pays a dividend to its customers. In this context, mohrle pointed out that anyone can become a member of the VR bank.

School principals say thank you

From the donation pot, both the kronach high schools and secondary schools each received a donation of over 1000 euros. Furthermore, the middle schools in kronach, pressig and windheim were pleased to receive the same amount of donations – as were the private sabel technical high school and the montessori technical high school in kronach. The donations were received by the heads of the respective schools or their deputies. They were renate leive (KZG), matthias schneider (G), christa banisch (RS I), uwe schonfeld (RS II), tanja biedermann (MS kronach), sabine sollner (GMS windheim), thomas muller (GMS pressig), christine jarosch-wich (private sabel-FOS kronach) and andre schneider (montessori-FOS kronach). These thanked in warm words for the once again rough-hearted support.

As you pointed out, the money will be used to fund a wide variety of projects and purchases. Kaspar-zeub-gymnasium invests the money in equipment for all-day classes, while frankenwald-gymnasium wants to use it to support the robotics group with two new laptops. The maximilian-von-welsch-realschule becomes a new "moving break" school, siegmund-loewe-real school to purchase new headsets for school playgroup. The gottfried neukam middle school finances new sports jerseys for school teams; the elementary and middle school presses various items, including new recess play equipment and sporting goods. The students at the windheim elementary and secondary school can look forward to a better designed playground. The private sabel FOS will use the money to equip a recreation room with sofas, among other things, while the montessori FOS will buy ten SLR cameras for its new "design" branch will buy.

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