Us veterans club donates bench

For kitzingen, the americans are a part of the town’s history. For the last americans, the veterans club (V post 10436 kitzingen), the city is and remains their home. This is now documented by a seat bench. Now commander emilio andujar and oberburgermeister siegfried muller have inaugurated them with the club members at the falter tower.

"Since the foundation of the V post in kitzingen on 29. March 1979 we call kitzingen our home," says club commander. He thanked joanna mylee, DW hope and the kitzingen building authority for their support of the "bench" project.

45 living in and around kitzingen

Of the 949 members of the u.S. Veterans clubs, 45 members live in kitzingen and the surrounding area. They have been active for many years. Since 1980, for example, donations have been made to the st. Martin school – at the summer festival and at christmas each year.

Good idea

"I was pleasantly surprised by the donation and think it’s a good idea," said mayor siegfried muller on friday at the inauguration under the falter tower. This shows that the americans and their families felt at home in kitzingen. In kitzingen, people remember the turbulent times that earned the town the nickname "little las vegas on the main. Even today there are many contacts via social media and friendships are still maintained.

Cast fube

By georg gunther, head of the building authority, the bench was deliberately designed in contrast to the existing bench in order to emphasize the historical background. This is how the cast fube from the 1920s was made.

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