Time travel with postcards

It was the last item of an extensive agenda of the municipal council. But like most others, the tourist project "time travel through bad bocklet" points to the future, announced mayor andreas sandwall. Arranged thematically, the 600 postcards, some of which are very rare, from the donation of paul and maria schmitz are presented in frames and displayed at ten prominent points such as church st. Laurentius, town hall, spa and tourist info, spa hotel bad bocklet, hotel kunzmann, bucherpavillon, reha and praventionszentrum, restaurant laudensack and castle aschach set up.

Financed by donations

In this way, local residents and guests will be encouraged to take a historical tour of the market town. Additional highlight: "via QR-CODE, reference is made to the homepage of the municipality, with detailed information on the exhibits on the respective board", declares thomas beck. The frames and the necessary flyers will be financed mainly by donations, the spa director adds. The municipal councillors were pleased to hear this, too, and so there was applause at the meeting: for the schmitz couple and the members of the administration, who expressed the commitment of the couple to the donation: "but you have to make something out of it", cleverly implemented.

If construction is to take place in the listed spa garden, the appropriate permits must be obtained and submitted to the municipal council. The renovation of the georg schoppner promenade from the bathhouse to aschacher strabe is also a matter of concern for the municipal council. Mayor sandwall informed: the way receives to the better welfare spring protection a colored asphalt surface and with a barrier against unauthorized driving is secured. The wall in the spa garden will also be significantly enhanced by the staircase being lightened with sandstone steps: "this will be a gain for the spa garden", sandwall is sure. The head of the town hall went on to explain that the pavilion – built solidly for flood protection and topped off with sandstone benches – will also be designed for smaller events. The dominant fountain building of caritas will be upgraded with new windows and a new rendering. On the other hand, the state baths company also joins in. The municipal council unanimously approved the monument conservation permit. The decision for the designation of a building area in roth a meets the wish of the population.D. Saale bill. Mayor sandwall recalled that there are hardly any vacant lots or building sites in roth, so this small area – less than one hectare – for five lots of 500-800 square meters, takes into account the development of the village. Matthias kirchner from the kirchner planning office presented the design, which will surround the area with a "green band" rounded off.

The approval for the project was unanimous. At the following hearing of the public interest groups, authorities and neighboring communities on the project development plan, revision of the draft plan, change of the land use plan herrnfeld (rewe market at the traffic circle in aschach), the planner proved to be a fast speaker, so that the number and scope of the comments did not extend the meeting until midnight. The project was approved against one vote each. The council did not approve the preliminary building application for the construction of a farm with residential house in grobenbrach. Both the bad kissingen district office and the office for development, agriculture and forestry (AELF) denied the project approval. The administration of the municipality can not escape this, noted the head of the town hall. The council sees it the same way. However, the mayor’s proposal to name the road of the construction area "am salzforst" in steinach in the same way was accepted by the committee.

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