The long-distance relationship has lasted for 15 years

The long-distance relationship has lasted for 15 years

450 kilometers can not scare the AH-kicker of FC rethem-moor. Of course, the lower saxons from the alline valley will be there again when SV romershag calls for the three kings tournament. To the 30. Times. It all began in the early 80s with the opening of the school and sports center.

Erwin kascherus had the idea of giving fubball a stage under the roof of the hall at the time of the triennial. Since then, the tournament has been a permanent fixture at the sinn. There was a lot of black ice. Two years ago, the snow masses even threatened to close the hall because of the danger of collapse. But when the time came, the ball was always rolling.

"We are always welcomed with open arms"
for 15 years werner lewitzki, jorg lubbehusen and co. A guest in the rhon. And that with pleasure. "We are always welcomed with open arms and look forward to the bread time and the "kreuzberg beer", says lewitzki. With 27 people and in a coach the delegation from the north will be represented this time. We will again spend the night in the german house with paul zaps, who is now a club member of FC. "Winning is not so important for us. We want to have fun and infect the people with our good mood. North germans are not always stubborn."

Lewitzki was chairman of FC rethem moor for a long time, also head of department. "Now I have withdrawn a little in the club, but the trip to bad bruckenau is virtually mandatory." This time, too, the journey will be garnished with a cultural part: "we will make a detour to the aviation museum in wernigerode." The contacts to the SV romershag are so close that the rhonians visit the FC sports festival every year.

500 spectators are expected on sunday alone
The long-distance relationship was initiated by heino ham brock, who came from the heidekreis to rhon at the beginning of the 1960s due to the construction of the autobahn and found a new home there. "Heino was always very close to SV romershag and made contact through his brother", remembers jurgen breitenbach, one of the organizers of the dreikonig tournament, which begins on friday.

The highlight this year is again the tournament on sunday for first teams with 16 teams. "This is traditionally a crowd puller and simply belongs to the beginning of the year in bad bruckenau," says breitenbach, says breitenbach, who is expecting around 500 fans.

Rough logistic ouand
The auand is enormous. On the three days of the tournament, about 80 people are involved in the tournament management and behind the bar. With up to three shifts. The SVR management team has been busy with the preparations for several months. "The first planning starts in spring summer. The clubs will be contacted at the end of september", tells the 49-year-old. 60 clubs were invited for the tournament of AH and first team alone. "From 40 percent unfortunately no feedback comes at all", the 49-year-old complains about some ignorance. Things are going a little better in the junior competitions, where thomas eder and gunther schwarz are doing most of the planning. "There are always enough members behind this tournament. This is naturally motivating", the head of the department is pleased about the important support from the association. After all, the income is an important part of the SV romershag's financial budget.

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