Thank you for the music

With glitter, glamour and a choreography as if agneta faltskog, bjorn ulvaeus, benny andersson and anni-frid lyngstadt themselves were on stage, "abba made in italy" escaped the about 700 visitors of the hirtenbachhalle into the 70s. Angela castellani as agneta, irene pertili as frida, ludovico banali as bjorn and eduardo mezzogori on the snowy piano proved: the music of abba is immortal.

The italo quartet in original costumes, supported by drummer stefano zenon and bassist antonio scarabel as well as the background singers miriam tomano and claudia bertoni, loved to start the evening calmly. But already at the third song "super trooper", the band was in the middle of the show, the first listeners could not keep their seats any longer. No wonder: songs like "does your mother know" and "summer night city going into the legs. The lower school choir of the herder gymnasium in forchheim was also able to experience abba mania at close quarters. The schoolchildren performed "I have a dream" together with the professionals at the abba tribute concert. Remarkable also, how text-sure the coarse part of the listeners with the cuddly song "fernando", but also with other abba world successes proved. And one or the other had adapted his outfit to the abba ara. Platform soles, full-body suits with wide puffy sleeves and extra-wide bell-bottoms. The sense of life of an entire generation came alive again.

Perfect show

The stage show was a perfect copy of the legendary swedish band. Every hand movement matched the interpretation of the original musicians. No wonder that the heart of the abba-friends beat higher here. Pure enthusiasm.

The performers really got things going in the second part of the concert, which began with "gimme"! Gimme! Gimmie!" Began and ear candy like "mamma mia, "ring ring" or "honey honey included. Dancing, the audience dived into the mysticism of the seventies. The flashlight function of cell phones replaced burning lighters. A stage decoration adapted to the times of the hippies and jesus-people, light effects and a fog machine underlined the unforgettable songs. At "rock me angela, alias agneta, and irene, alias frida, sought the proximity of the fans, fell in love with the stage, danced through the central aisle and returned to the back of the stage via the two side aisles.

To the "finale grande the agneta-double appeared in the world-famous blue outfit with the knitted hat and her partner in the brown skirt with jacket. In this costuming, the successors of the legendary swedish quartet interpreted "waterloo, the song that once helped abba to an international breakthrough. That was ubrigens already the first addition. The second could not have been more appropriate for the evening: "thank you for the music."

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