Srp now has four managing directors

Srp now has four managing directors

At the festive event at the rosenberg fortress, with which the engineering firm schneider und partner (SRP) celebrated its 50th anniversary, the shareholders bernhard schapertons and heinrich schneider appointed stefan strohlein and gerolf ruff as new managing directors. This completes the "board of directors" together with the managing directors hans-joachim brandt and werner kuhnlein, who have been successful for many years, to four managing directors.

Gerolf ruff thanked also in the name of stefan strohlein for the confidence shown and said that the appointment was seen as an obligation towards the customers and the employees.

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary, the vice president of the chamber of industry and commerce in kronach, hans rebhan, presented the company with a certificate. As an important employer and training company – 42 draftsmen have been trained since 1990 – SRP is an indispensable part of the district. Hans rebhan presented the certificate for loyalty to the location in upper franconia to the managing directors, combined with the thanks of the chamber of industry and commerce for the commitment in kronach and upper franconia.

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