Spreading good cheer with dialect

Gunda muller, who is well known throughout lichtenfels and beyond for her amusing dialect presentations, celebrated her 90th birthday at the rauch guesthouse in oberwallenstadt, which is owned by her son. Birthday.
There could be few people who did not know gunda muller, who was married for 58 years to rudi muller, a police officer who died six years ago. For decades she was involved in various associations and also provided entertainment at a wide variety of events.
So she was at the SV borussia settlement lichtenfels, where her husband for 15 years as 2. She was chairman of the association for many years and also held the office of the secretary. At christmas parties she appeared as santa claus and at carnival she shone with brilliant butt speeches.
"But not only at borussia, but also at many clubs and private individuals, i played the role of nicholas for almost 20 years, delighting young and old alike," said, underlined the birthday celebrant. She has been a CSU member for 32 years and was for many years the secretary of the local women’s union. She showed her acting talent as a member of the theater groups of the djk, the kolping family and the werdenfelser. "With the theater stucco ‘at night in the green cockatoo’ i have even been on tv", remembered gunda muller.
Until a few years ago, she created a good atmosphere and a happy mood with her funny dialect poems for many clubs and organizations such as KAB, BRK, werdenfelser, catholic women’s association or parish seniors, to name just a few.
Her favorite congratulators were her children thomas muller, martina muller and annette kerner as well as her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The city’s congratulations were offered by second mayor sabine riebner, who also congratulated in her capacity as deputy chairman of the local CSU association. KAB chairman wolfgang haas, ADAC chairman bernd legal, the local chairman of the women’s union, kathrin roth, and melita braun as representative of the district association of the women’s union also wished gunda muller all the best on her honorary day.

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