Review of a successful musical year

At the annual general meeting of the thulba/reith music association, chairman markus emmerth was able to welcome active musicians, passive members of the association and 2. Mayor jurgen kolb and market councillors michael meindl and frank sieg from reith buried.

Markus emmerth gave an overview of the association’s activities with a review of the year and a schedule of events. Conductor jurgen kunkel reported on the rehearsal workshop with renowned lecturers, the set rehearsals and the performances in the past year.

With the saale-musicum, which will be hosted by the thulbatal musicians on behalf of oberthulba, the band wanted to choose a different location. The board of management is in discussion with the local fruit and gardening association, which looks after the garden for visitors.

The finances explained cashier anna schafer. Cash auditors annemarie emmerth and jurgen kolb asked for the discharge, which was unanimous.

Secretary birgit armbruster presented her report, and youth representative barbara wiegand reported on the active youth work of the association, starting with the three flute groups taught by eva-maria schaub. Eva-maria schaub is employed by the association as a flight instructor. Proud are the young musicians who successfully completed their D1 exam: larissa muth on clarinet, elias burger on trumpet and julian griebel on french horn. Barbara wigand presented them with a present and a thank you to the parents for their commitment.

Youth wind orchestra started

Cooperation with the other music associations in the market community was also an important point. Last year, the youth wind orchestra was launched. Children from the association play with other young musicians in the rehearsal room of the oberthulbaer musikanten in hassenbach. "The music band is an important building block in the cultural life of a village community", DECLARED 2. Mayor jurgen kolb. He thanked the board of directors for their voluntary work. Alexander muth, who is responsible for church music and the retzbach pilgrimage, thanked all active musicians and those who always volunteer as "reserve musicians", for example for funerals, ready for use. With an invitation to the memorial service for all deceased and the next performance in cooperation with the FC thulba, the maypole erection, the session ended.

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