Realschule students show solidarity with the hospice association

Realschule students show solidarity with the hospice association

Mowing lawns, feeding rabbits, washing cars – the ingenuity and above all the hard work of the schoolchildren and the RS II were honored at the "day of solidarity no limits set.

Grades 5 to 9 took advantage of the day off from school for the oral examinations of the tenth graders for a special activity. Instead of enjoying the day off, they made a work agreement with relatives, friends or acquaintances for the assumption of just such tasks. This year, the money generated will be donated to the hospizverein kronach. On the last day before the vacations, the donation presentation took place.

Principal uwe schonfeld thanked the schoolchildren for putting their free time and hard work into the service of a good cause. Chairman peter witton, his deputy anja mannl, secretary ingrid steinhauber and coordinator annette hummer were surprised by the amount of the donation, which was completely unexpected for them. "I'm completely flabbergasted", said anja mannl. "Completely overwhelmed" of the generous donation was, chairman witton, who promised to use the money well and wisely.

The principal and other teachers used the closing ceremony to honor students who have excelled in various areas during the past school year. Uwe schonfeld honored the class winners of the respective grades, barbel hossel the winners of the kanguru mathematics competition, and felix mayerhofer and nina schramm the class winners of the federal youth games.

The honorees were presented with gifts sponsored by the parents' council, such as ice cream or cinema vouchers, which were handed over to them by annette hummer in her capacity as parents' councilor.

Schonfeld also announced the results of the elections held for the new school representatives. Carina holzmann became the first school president, valeska bobreck the second and ann-christin adam the third.

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