Ready for the peace mission

With the "blue flag" exercise 19 soldiers from five countries have completed their training as military observers at the UN training center of the german armed forces. At a roll call at saaleck castle, colonel michael uhrig, commander of the UN training center, handed them their certificates.

The course, which consists of five parts, is designed to prepare officers for peacekeeping and assistance missions within the framework of the united nations or the OSCE. It ends with a closing ceremony. 14 instructors participated in the training, from germany, athiopia, india, uruguay, colombia, brazil, mexico, guatemala, serbia, poland, hungary and switzerland. The colonel thanked them for their efforts.

A delegation from mexico, led by rear admiral suarez gonzalez, accompanied the ceremony as part of a reciprocal visit. Gonzalez thanked for the opportunity to observe the exercise. The course regularly concludes at saaleck castle. Uhrig honored restaurant chef ewald hupp with the commander’s coin.

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