Readers ask, experts answer: a telephone campaign in this newspaper gave all the info on travel money

Maybe the suitcases are already packed: after the awarding of school certificates, the summer holidays start tomorrow in bavaria. Even more important than the right clothes and the toothbrush – you can buy everything locally – is money. Readers of this newspaper were given tips on how to put together the right vacation cash box during our telephone campaign on the subject of "safe travel". On the editorial phone, banking experts markus fosel (sparkasse bamberg) and johannes sebald (volksbank forchheim) answered our questions. The following is a summary.

There is so much talk about contactless payments with girocards or credit cards. What are the advantages and is it really secure??
The main advantage is the speed. On the one hand, there is no need to insert the card into a reader, and on the other hand, PIN entry is not usually necessary for amounts of up to 25 euros. It is enough to use the card ca. To hold the card four centimeters in front of the contactless card reader. Contactless payment uses the same high security mechanisms of the EMV chip as traditional payment methods with girocard or credit card.

I am looking forward to an already paid tour of morocco. Can I pay there small purchases with euro?
I did not rely on this. To be on the safe side, get yourself a handful of US dollars in small denominations.

When should I carry a credit card?
If possible, you should always take a credit card with you as well as your girocard. Keep both cards separate from each other in any case. How to still get money if you lose your card. Important: a PIN is required at atms and often when shopping with a credit card. If you do not yet have a PIN, apply for one from your provider in good time before your trip.

We have booked a two week package vacation in tenerife. What tips do you have for our travel cash desk??
Take a small amount of cash with you. With the girocard (maestro and V-pay) you can withdraw money from atms and make cashless payments locally. Ask your advisor about the possibilities of using your card before you travel.

What not to forget before the trip?
Remember to adjust the personal credit limit of your payment cards for use abroad if necessary or to avoid any risk of fraud. To increase. For security reasons, the cards may have to be activated first – with details of the destination, time period and the desired limits.

In what way should I pay at foreign atms??
Be careful outside the euro zone when converting and settling the local currency into euros. Vending machines often offer a "guaranteed exchange rate", where you then determine the exchange rate and also the commission. In most cases this can be expensive, especially if you withdraw only small amounts. Therefore, it is better to use the option "calculation in local currency" or "without conversion to choose at the vending machine. The same applies to cashless payments in stores.

We are planning a cruise to agypt, jordan and oman. What should we be aware of?
Get a supply of U.S. Dollars in small denominations from your local bank in good time, for example for tips or a snack. If you still have your girocard (maestro) and a credit card in your pack, you are well-equipped.

How do I know if my girocard will work abroad??
The girocard with the maestro symbol is suitable for worldwide use, so it is also accepted in european countries. Girocards with the V-pay symbol, on the other hand, are designed mainly for use in the euro countries. For information on where cards with V-pay work, please contact your credit institution.

What information do I have to provide when my girocard is blocked??
Have your BIC (alternatively account number and sort code) ready and note the date and time of blocking.

Soon we will go to india for two weeks. What should we take with us and how much cash can we bring in??
In india, both the euro and the US dollar are accepted as means of payment. You are not allowed to import the local currency. You can change money directly upon arrival at the airport. In larger cities you can get cash with your credit card and also with your girocard (maestro symbol). The best way to make cashless payments in india is with your credit card.

What do I have to pay attention to when withdrawing money from atms abroad??
Prefer to use atms inside banks during opening hours. Always cover the PIN entry and keep a safe distance from the next customer. If something seems strange to you, you better cancel the process.

Should I exchange swiss francs at home for my stay in switzerland??
Yes. It is sufficient to have a small amount of cash on hand for the first expenses.

What should I pay attention to when paying with girocard or credit card in general??
Don’t let your card out of your sight. Ask for z.B. The card reader on the counter or at the restaurant table. You should also compare the invoice receipt with the signature receipt. Collect the receipts and check your account statements.

What do you recommend for my trip to mexico??
With a handful of U.S. Dollars, you’re well equipped for the first few days. For further cash supply it is best to use the girocard (maestro) at machines in the tourist centers. The safest means of payment in mexico is the credit card.

Advise to withdraw several small amounts at the ATM abroad?
No, you should withdraw a few coarse amounts instead of many small ones. This saves on foreign transaction fees. Tip for on the road: take only the daily need of cash with you and deposit the rest in the hotel safe.

What fees do i have to pay when i use my payment cards abroad??
In euro countries, you can generally use both your credit card and your girocard to make payments free of charge. For cash withdrawals at atms and payments in foreign countries, the fees vary, so you should check with your own bank. Maybe there are partner banks in the country you are visiting, where withdrawals are cheaper or free of charge.

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