“Prio one” has rescue and care service

The meeder red cross rescue squad is a committed community that not only provides sanitary services, but is also active in care services. The preparedness team consists of 41 members who serve on a voluntary basis.
Review of the past year by yvonne brautigam. 605 people came to the five blood donation events, 15 of them were first-time donors. At the basic "supervision" course lukas bahring and marcel meyer took part and martin and lukas bahring as well as the on-call leader took part in the digital radio course in neustadt.
Martin and lukas bahring and yvonne brautigam as well as a comrade from bad rodach were sent to the G7 summit in krun. Brautigam reported long and turbulent days with daily hygiene monitoring by the health department.
Refugee care at the BGS hall in coburg began in july and is still ongoing. They received support from the marienvereine meeder and wiesenfeld.
In total, the team has contributed 6876 volunteer hours, which include catering, sanitation, blood donation, fundraising, in-house training, administration and other operations and activities.
Sabine weber discussed the inputs and outputs. The largest expenditure item is the installation of digital radios. The discharge of the treasurer and the board was unanimous. The fact that not only rescue services but also care services are provided in meeder was made clear by the leader’s report. Extensive training is necessary for supervision. The 25th anniversary of the fire department association will take place on 6. May instead. For services in the BRK were distinguished: ten years isabell meyer; 15 years bettina weber, max lorenz, yvonne brautigam; 35 years martin and sabine bahring; 40 years norbert hofer and gerold weber.

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