Christmas market in mitwitz: no “plastic christmas”

Christmas market in mitwitz: no 'plastic christmas

“Unne weihnachtsmarkt is a dream”, claudia schwammlein, who is in charge of the event at mitwitz town hall, is sure. She is already in the middle of preparations for the upcoming christmas market. On saturday, 30. November, and on sunday, 1. December, the mitwitz water castle with its marchen park will be transformed into a pre-christmas experience place. “We will illuminate the castle, park and pond, and atmospheric light shows will create a magical and unforgettable atmosphere” she promises.

120 stands and ten pavilions are planned and claudia schwammlein already gives a direction: “we attach great importance to handicraft and sustainability”.” so it should not be a “plastic christmas” the market is to score for it with heart blood and atmosphere. You could buy then for example handmade paper, christmas floristry, sandblasted glass or star dream lamps.

Gold for gloria leuschner and annika steinlein

Six junior teams of DJK kersbach/DJK eggolsheim started in weibenburg at the 2. Bavarian junior tournament 2018. They were supported by their coaches christina strauchmann, leonie muller and judge katharina preller as well as many parents who gave them a big thumbs up.

Medal places in weibenburg

Filiz and sibel specht (kersbach) won the second place in the women’s pairs, sophia kovacevic and sophie bogelein (kersbach) won the third place. Lilly berger, ella kraus and anna eberlein (eggolsheim) made the third place in the women’s groups.

Retained team continues at the top

In the center of the with 47 participants very well visited annual general meeting of the TV unterwallenstadt in the club house stood apart from numerous honors the new election of the entire executive committee, with which the guidance duo with manfred robisch and eberhard lips, preserved for decades, just like the third chairman georg herold, acting since two years, received a unanimous vote.
The total result of the new elections: 1. Chairman: manfred robisch, 2. Chairman and treasurer: eberhard lips, 3. Chairman: georg herold, secretary: stefan lips, youth officer: laureano alvarez, seniors officer: petra pfadenhauer, property officer: gunther pfadenhauer, treasurers: karl-heinz scholz and jurgen bergner, committee members: irmgard springer, irene kosok, jurgen bergner, heinrich bechmann, clarissa steiner, katharina lips, pauline heinze; economic committee: josefine herold, hildegard lambrighs, gisela minsch, ingrid scheer, sabine scholz, sandra lips, kerstin scholz, laureano alvarez, helga lips, lubi krajcik, kerstin ruscher, iris bergner; department head: gymnastics: petra pfadenhauer, deputy: barbara bechmann, table tennis: christa herbst-seifert, fubball: thomas schuster, deputy: matthias dinkel, hike leader: gunter lutz, flag delegation: gunther pfadenhauer and gunther rasch.
The annual general meeting also provided the framework for honors. The following were honored for 15 years with TVU: gerhard and brigitte klingner, siegfried and natalie herrmann, bernd schuster, jutta glatzer, wolfgang haas; 20 years: margit mohr, ralf schuberth; 25 years: kurt and claudia sunkel; 30 years (BLSV pin of honor in silver): marliese breunlein, annemarie and paul kraub, matthias dinkel, hans ruscher; 40 years (BLSV pin of honor in gold): brunhilde ruscher.
The chairman manfred robisch could report in his detailed activity report about a pleasing development of the association. TVU offers a wide range of sports activities in the fields of gymnastics, table tennis, hobby football and hiking and also offers interesting social events and trips.
He particularly emphasized that last year the TVU was one of the first clubs to be awarded the quality seal "senior-friendly club" for its exemplary work in senior sports was honored. This is gratifying, he says, because seniors make up the largest group in the association, which currently has just under 500 members (40 percent). Children and young people are also strongly represented with 32 percent.
The treasurer and 2. Chairman eberhard lips emphasized that the association is on a sound financial footing. A major expense was the purchase of a new lawn mower.
The reports of the department heads petra pfadenhauer (gymnastics and senior sports), christa herbst-seifert (table tennis), volker zillig (soccer), and gunter lutz (hiking) were extensive. The latter announced the five-day hiking and cultural trip to undiscovered friuli in september as a further highlight. The first day hike this year is the traditional round hike between lichtenfels, staffelberg and uetzing.
In order to strengthen the new generation in the association, it is important to inspire young people for sports, emphasized the youth director laureano alvarez. The TVU has to offer here with child gymnastics, jazzdance, child dance and table tennis a varied offer. The children's summer festival was again very well received.
Among the many events of the past year, which christa robisch recalled as chairwoman of the economic committee, the four-day trip to the puster valley in october stood out. This year's trip of the association goes from 11. To 14. October to the baltic sea. After 37 years of service in this position, christa robisch was bid farewell by the chairman, her husband manfred robisch, with a flower present. The association honored her four decades of dedication to TV unterwallenstadt by making her an honorary member.

Level of training improved

level of training improved

Head of the DLRG teuschnitz and instructor richard bar had good reason to be happy when they handed out various swimming badges. Eight children had undergone the examination to become junior rescuers.

In addition to various swimming performances, which included the towing of an injured person as well as combined exercises in the water for self-rescue and the rescue of others, theoretical knowledge on this subject was also tested. Levi hering, michelle schmidt, nurefsan yalcin, lina bischoff, emma vetter, nuvide yalcin, nevio bayer and laurenz buhling passed this exam with flying colors.

Champions cup begins:the secret club world cup is booming

Hanover (dpa) – from jurgen klopp to pep guardiola, from real madrid to bayern munchen: 18 top european teams will play for the international champions cup (ICC) starting friday (local time).

Until the 12. August, the continent’s best teams will play for the cup mainly in the u.S., but also in seven european stadiums and singapore. The tournament resembles a secret club world championship. It is booming, the rough arenas will be full, even if stars like cristiano ronaldo are missing.

New mirrors under traffic lights to save cyclists

New mirrors under traffic lights to save cyclists

A mirror hangs under the grunlicht to show truck drivers the blind spot next to their vehicle. Hundreds of cyclists are killed every year in germany because drivers of cars, trucks and buses fail to see them when they turn off the road.

The cause of these accidents may have been the blind spot, suspects the north rhine-westphalian interior ministry. Munster tests the new reflector traffic light at two locations for the time being. The system is already being used successfully in the netherlands.

Ready for the peace mission

With the "blue flag" exercise 19 soldiers from five countries have completed their training as military observers at the UN training center of the german armed forces. At a roll call at saaleck castle, colonel michael uhrig, commander of the UN training center, handed them their certificates.

The course, which consists of five parts, is designed to prepare officers for peacekeeping and assistance missions within the framework of the united nations or the OSCE. It ends with a closing ceremony. 14 instructors participated in the training, from germany, athiopia, india, uruguay, colombia, brazil, mexico, guatemala, serbia, poland, hungary and switzerland. The colonel thanked them for their efforts.

An oppressively intense production: “the diary of anne frank” celebrated its premiere in coburg

With this production katarzyna bogucka presented herself for the first time as a director. Soprano francesca paratore performed the title role in the production by susanne wilczek. The premiere audience applauded the soloist as well as the nine-piece instrumental ensemble from the philharmonic orchestra. The detailed review of the premiere of the opera "the diary of anne frank in coburg as well as numerous photos can be found here

Diary of anne frank as a mono-opera in coburg

Theater tip "the diary of anne frank – mono-opera in four scenes by grigori frid – libretto by the composer, german adaptation by ulrike patow – 5., 23. February, 6., 8. March, 8 pm, theater in der reithalle coburg cast musical direction: paul willot-forster; staging: katarzyna bogucka; stage and costume: susanne wilczek; dramaturgy: dorothee harpain anne frank: francesca paratore

Elementary school students plant trees to combat climate change

Boys and girls from class 2a of the konigsberg elementary school planted shrubs and trees in the district of hellingen.

Against the climate change

Planting trees is one of the most effective ways to combat climate change. Under this statement, the district started the campaign last year for young people to plant trees. This was to be done primarily together with the schools in the district of habberge. The support of the building yards of the cities and municipalities was expected.