Here’s how the state elections are going in the bad kissingen constituency

The upcoming state and district elections are also a logistical challenge: "the ballots arrived in two trucks, which meant a total of 50 pallets", reports klaus plescher. The area manager at the district administration office is the deputy election officer in the voting district of bad kissingen. The campaign covers not only the district of bad kissingen, but also the western district of rhon-grabfeld: a total of 10,33,000 copies of the four ballots were printed for each of the 35 municipalities. "The documents are all out", reports plescher on the distribution. Nevertheless, there is still a lot to do.

Klaus plescher’s desk is full of election documents. After a european election, the state election is only the second that plescher is in charge of centrally. "Otherwise, i was usually a polling station assistant." Election officer is lawyer and head of department nina opfermann. But most of the questions go to plescher: "there have been staff changes in many municipalities", he reports. That’s why there are so many inquiries.

And what is your vision for bamberg 2050??

Now it's up to all the burgers! On 27. January, almost 40 FT readers wrote hundreds of post-its and, under the guidance of moderators and experts, developed many ideas for the future of the city – such as the "car-free city" or a "burgerhaus" or a "burgerhaus" as a place for encounters. At the "bamberg 2050" think tank the topics were mobility, work, housing, education and communication.

The results of the workshops and the keynote speech by manfred riederle, deputy manager of the bavarian city council, were presented by the "graphic recorder" ulrike mahr (kronach) in pictures and catchy texts. These small works of art are now on display in the town hall. And what's more: they want to encourage all visitors to write down their own visions for the future of the cathedral and world heritage city and to submit them by the end of the exhibition on the 15th. Marz to give away.

Grafengehaig: only two births, but 14 deaths

Grafengehaig: only two births, but 14 deaths

Mayor werner burger gave an overview of the development of the community. The population of 878 increased by three compared to the previous year. Two births are offset by 14 deaths. Five marriages were celebrated in the registry office. The head of the municipality was able to congratulate 22 burghers on birthdays of 80 years or older.

Eight building sites are available in the main town of grafengehaig for the construction of single-family houses. The plots are available for ten euros per square meter. In addition, there are development costs of 20 euros per square meter.

Srp now has four managing directors

Srp now has four managing directors

At the festive event at the rosenberg fortress, with which the engineering firm schneider und partner (SRP) celebrated its 50th anniversary, the shareholders bernhard schapertons and heinrich schneider appointed stefan strohlein and gerolf ruff as new managing directors. This completes the "board of directors" together with the managing directors hans-joachim brandt and werner kuhnlein, who have been successful for many years, to four managing directors.

Gerolf ruff thanked also in the name of stefan strohlein for the confidence shown and said that the appointment was seen as an obligation towards the customers and the employees.

Tours of the monastery

The six counties in the steigerwald are involved this year within the european heritage year 2018 "ECHY (european cultural heritage year)" under the motto "diversity in unity – cistercian monastic landscapes in central europe. Numerous program points are offered throughout the year.
After lectures on the birkenfeld monastery and the alliance bike tour, which was held under this motto, there will be further highlights in the district of neustadt a in september.D. Aisch-bad windsheim instead of.
So on sunday, 2. September, the doors of the former cistercian monastery of birkenfeld were opened and erich herndl led a tour of the church and monastery grounds. The meeting point is at the church square. Two guided tours are offered, starting at 2 p.M. And 4 p.M., each with a duration of approx. Last 1.5 hours.

The hike

On sunday, 16. September, will be performed by hiker robert schutz a ca. Ten-kilometer hike offered in the countryside around the monastery birkenfeld. Meeting place is at 9.45 o'clock at the train station neustadt/aisch. The route leads through the pfalzbachschlucht gorge and along the old post road to diebach, where a stop for lunch is planned. The tour then continues to birkenfeld to visit the monastery and the crypt church. The return to the train station is at approx. 16.30 o'clock provided.
The hike will take place in all weathers, registration is not required. Children are welcome to attend accompanied by their parents. However, the route is not suitable for strollers.

Breaking taboos inankara: deputy with headscarf in parliament

Breaking taboos inankara: deputy with headscarf in parliament

The last time the deputy merve kavakci appeared in parliament in ankara wearing a headscarf was in 1999. It had triggered a scandal. It was deprived of its turkish citizenship and its seat in parliament.

Prime minister recep tayyip erdogan overturned the ban on headscarves in public service only at the end of last month. Only women in the security forces and the judiciary are still prohibited from wearing the headscarf. Some sacular turks see the wearing of the garment as an expression of sympathy for islamism. From the ranks of liberal turks, however, it is also argued that women should decide for themselves whether or not to wear headscarves.

Ballet nordhausen dances in coburg

The ballet company of the nordhausen theater was founded at the beginning of the 2016/2017 season as "ballet TN LOS!" Under the leadership of ballet director ivan alboresi newly formed. Twelve dancers from currently eight nations dance in two new rough ballet evenings each season, as well as in a chamber dance evening choreographed by themselves. The spectrum ranges from the rough ballet classic "swan lake to premieres like the commissioned ballet "the cranes of ibykus", composed by christoph ehrenfellner for the ballet in nordhausen.

For the landestheater coburg the guests from nordhausen will perform the choreography "if i go" dance. This became the exhibition opening "the beautiful reaper" created at the kunsthaus meyenburg nordhausen and on 24. March 2018 premiered there. The dance shows the eternal cycle that leads to death, but also the charm that death has.

Trumpet in harmony with four guitars

Trumpet and guitars, do they go together?? The musicians answered this question with flying colors at the traditional castle concert in gaibach castle. There was not a single chair left in the constitutional hall when manuel scheuring, barbara holzer and the guitar trio manijo invited the audience to an entertaining concert journey through the wide world of music.

"An evening with musical friends was the motto of the varied concert with the guitarist barbara holzer from gaibach, the trumpeter manuel scheuring from volkach and the former students of the music schools volkach and munsterschwarzach maximilian nitsche, niklas rauchenberger and johannes teubler (manijo, all on guitar).

For 60 years, a lookout for the weak

For 60 years, a lookout for the weak

Langensendelbach – the vdk langensendelbach seems almost unimaginable without bernhard leisgang as its chairman. And although leisgang still continues in office, he would like to see a rejuvenated board in order to inject new impetus into the local association

Get. For 50 years, bernhard leisgang has been chairman of the vdk local association of langensendelbach.

Van rompuy encourages the greeks – troika in athens

Van rompuy encourages the greeks - troika in athens

Van rompuy buried greeks’ efforts to consolidate their economy and urged athens to continue its austerity efforts. "The greek people have made significant steps forward. But efforts must continue with further reforms," van rompuy said after a meeting with greek head of government antonis samaras.

With the implementation of the austerity pact, greece will soon have a "robust economy and administration". "I have no doubt that greece’s future is in the eurozone," said van rompuy. But the prerequisite, he said, was that the reforms were realized.