“Prio one” has rescue and care service

The meeder red cross rescue squad is a committed community that not only provides sanitary services, but is also active in care services. The preparedness team consists of 41 members who serve on a voluntary basis.
Review of the past year by yvonne brautigam. 605 people came to the five blood donation events, 15 of them were first-time donors. At the basic "supervision" course lukas bahring and marcel meyer took part and martin and lukas bahring as well as the on-call leader took part in the digital radio course in neustadt.
Martin and lukas bahring and yvonne brautigam as well as a comrade from bad rodach were sent to the G7 summit in krun. Brautigam reported long and turbulent days with daily hygiene monitoring by the health department.
Refugee care at the BGS hall in coburg began in july and is still ongoing. They received support from the marienvereine meeder and wiesenfeld.
In total, the team has contributed 6876 volunteer hours, which include catering, sanitation, blood donation, fundraising, in-house training, administration and other operations and activities.
Sabine weber discussed the inputs and outputs. The largest expenditure item is the installation of digital radios. The discharge of the treasurer and the board was unanimous. The fact that not only rescue services but also care services are provided in meeder was made clear by the leader’s report. Extensive training is necessary for supervision. The 25th anniversary of the fire department association will take place on 6. May instead. For services in the BRK were distinguished: ten years isabell meyer; 15 years bettina weber, max lorenz, yvonne brautigam; 35 years martin and sabine bahring; 40 years norbert hofer and gerold weber.

Fire in the bamberg district: electronics store in frensdorf burns – high damage

Fire in the bamberg district: a fire in the roof trusses of an electronics store in the frensdorf district of hernsdorf triggered a large-scale firefighting operation on friday evening. As the polizeiprasidium oberfranken writes in their incident report, one firefighter was slightly injured. The bamberg criminal investigation department has begun investigating the still unclear cause of the fire.

Pictures of the firefighting operation can be found here:

S. Oliver baskets in tough test against bayern munchen

S. Oliver baskets in tough test against bayern munchen

The inner-bavarian north-south derby in the s.Oliver arena is a real acid test for the wurzburgers. The draw at the 2. Flyleralarm charity cup goes to the foundation and projects of the charity "standpunkt e" as it did at the premiere of the charity game last year.V."

Three weeks before the start of the new season, the munich team arrived with its numerous prominent newcomers: heiko schaffartzik, yassin idbihi, deon thompson and nihad djedovic (all alba berlin), playmaker malcolm delaney (kiev), lucca staiger (ludwigsburg), bryce taylor (quakenbruck) and of course center john bryant (ulm). There will also be a reunion with former wurzburger demond greene.

The long-distance relationship has lasted for 15 years

The long-distance relationship has lasted for 15 years

450 kilometers can not scare the AH-kicker of FC rethem-moor. Of course, the lower saxons from the alline valley will be there again when SV romershag calls for the three kings tournament. To the 30. Times. It all began in the early 80s with the opening of the school and sports center.

Erwin kascherus had the idea of giving fubball a stage under the roof of the hall at the time of the triennial. Since then, the tournament has been a permanent fixture at the sinn. There was a lot of black ice. Two years ago, the snow masses even threatened to close the hall because of the danger of collapse. But when the time came, the ball was always rolling.

Opus klassik for anne-sophie mutter and jonas kaufmann

Opus klassik for anne-sophie mutter and jonas kaufmann

Violinist anne-sophie mutter and singer jonas kaufmann are prize winners of this year’s opus klassik. The awards were presented on sunday in berlin.

A nine-person jury of representatives from record companies, promoters and music publishers had previously selected award winners in 25 categories. The award is supported by the association for the promotion of classical music. The award ceremony at the konzerthaus berlin was on sunday evening (22.3 p.M.) with host thomas gottschalk also on the ZDF program.

Modlos: performance badge passed under corona conditions

Twelve unemployed people have taken the time this year to spend a week working for the fire department. On the field in front of the fire station in oberleichtersbach, first aid skills were taught, suction lines were coupled and rescue knots were tied – all in compliance with the current corona hygiene regulations. Finally, on saturday morning, district fire inspector marco brust, district fire chief volker hagerich and referee karsten scheuring from albertshausen took the performance badge.

The commanders kevin frohlich and daniel wehner as well as the chairman alexander frohlich were allowed to get the "gold on grun" after passing the examination-badge, the "level 5 of a total of six, to the uniform. Jakob hahn, jurgen rest and philipp klug successfully passed the examination for level 4, manuel hohmann, nico schroll and manuel brust passed the examinations for levels 3 and 2.

Make a little christmas market possible

The open letter to mayor dominik sauerteig (SPD) is signed by a diverse group: from the city council, melanie becker, michael dorant, wolfgang weib (all from the 90/die grunen group), thomas apfel, jessica heb and matthias schmidt-curio (all three from the WPC) are involved. Also listed are nico appelfeller (deputy chairman of the FDP coburg), oli schneider (agency streckenbach), ralf pazdera (chairman of the coburg section of the suddeutscher schaustellerverband), kevin pazdera (showman) and steffi cestone (spokeswoman of the board of zentrum coburg). Your request: the city should make something possible, if the christmas market doesn’t take place and also the alternative concept "winterzauber does not come to fruition.

The city’s own enterprise coburg marketing, which usually organizes the christmas market, had worked out an alternative concept with the two locations market and albertsplatz. There should have been more christmas, but fewer food and drink stands, explained horst graf, head of coburg marketing. But also this "winter magic (this is the name of the concept) the administrative senate had not wanted to risk.

Best riflemen gekurt

Best riflemen gekurt

42 shooters accepted the invitation of the shooters club meeder to the sixth service rifle shoot. This ordnance rifle shooting with open sights or telescopic sight enjoys great popularity among sport shooters. The rifles used were built before 1945 and are usually over a hundred years old.

There were different scores: individual scores in the "open class" with telescopic sight, individual scores in the "veteran" discipline and the veteran team rating (from both disciplines).

Music from the “glanzsaite”

Music from the

."I am a guest on earth" – this was the title of the concert to which the protestant church community of ebern had invited to the christuskirche on eternity sunday last year – commonly called "sunday of the dead".

With the two professional musicians from dresden, annette roth on the violin and ulrich thiem on the cello, two virtuoso string players made a guest appearance in ebern. Annette roth is a permanent ensemble member of the dresden state orchestra at the semper opera house. According to pastor bernd grosser, her husband ulrich thiem is the nestor of the "bach&" music initiative as a freelance artist blues dresden" and in this capacity has often performed in ebern with several concert projects.

Fastnachtverband franken honors dedicated “blummazupfer” (flower pickers)

Fastnachtverband franken honors dedicated

After the power takeover in weisendorf at the town hall storm on the 11.11. Without any major problems and now the fools of the "blummazupfer at the oar, the order commemoration was now on the agenda. It was not only a matter of awarding the sessionsorden, but also of honoring members who have rendered outstanding services to the association. This was done by the fastnachtverband franken.

One of these people is kerstin schuhlein, who received the order of merit of the franken carnival association. Since february 2002, schuhlein has been a member of the "blummazupfern". Her two daughters were still dancing in the garden, she said, and so it was no question for her to join the association.