Only twelve chairmen in 125 years

The small animal breeding club kitzingen and surroundings is one of the oldest clubs in town. Since 2011, uwe hartmann has been responsible for the club and the breeding facility. After 125 years, hartmann is the twelfth chairman.

When the town pastor reub joined forces with like-minded people in 1889 to form the rassegeflugelzuchtverein, the aim was not only to spend their free time but also to enrich their menu. At the festive reception at the new breeding ground, the youth section took over the task of presenting the chairmen to the guests. Among them were well-known kitzingen citizens like kommerzienrat august wildhagen, paul schwertfeger, otto zimmermann and last but not least heinrich lang. Schwertfeger was in difficult times for 23 years (1923 to 1946), zimmermann for 15 years (1950 to 1965) and heinrich lang even for 37 years; today he is honorary chairman. He initiated the merger of the two associations in 2000 together with friedrich hummer, chairman of the kitzingen breeders’ association for pedigree rabbits.

When small animals were compulsory

"There were a lot of stories from the life of the club," said hartmann, but he refrained from reading out extracts from the chronicles. Hartmann recalled the home rule that used to apply in the settlement, according to which the residents also had to keep small animals. However, this rule no longer applies. The connection to the village was made by the singing club, whose chairman thomas bambach brought pit from the neighborhood.

For the mayor of germany, siegfried muller, the association is an example of cohesion in the settlement. Muller emphasized that with the move from the former domicile on the site of the agricultural office, the neighboring land at lerchenbuhl would be put to good use. "The new breeding facility is unparalleled today." Deputy county commissioner paul streng spoke of a proud and symbolic number. Divided into the components twelve and five, this means that five fingers of one hand take care of the animals, and that for twelve months a year. The number 125 also means 125 years of living honorary office.

The district chairwoman of the breeders’ associations, michaela huber, said the sensible treatment of animals is more important today than ever before. Only in this way could young people experience a dutiful life. Her colleague from the pedigree rabbit breeding clubs of lower franconia, josef steiner, described clubs like the kitzingen small animal breeders as rather rare in terms of age, coarseness and activities.

Important role played

Gunter schurer, district chairman of the wurzburg-main-spessart-kitzingen breeders’ association, said the idea of the founding fathers has been preserved with idealism to this day.

Wolfgang wirth, in the same area responsible for the breeding of poultry, added that the poultry breeding in kitzingen has played an important role in district shows such as in the florian geyer hall. With the construction of the new breeding facility, the association laid an important foundation stone for the future years ago. He presented uwe hartmann with the federal silver badge of honor.

The association refrained from honoring the members and will do so at the annual general meeting. Hartmann, however, did not miss the opportunity to join OB muller in naming a number of honorary members.

Hartmann appointed reinhard may as honorary breed warden. Alfons englert, who has been a member of the club since 1972 and was involved in the construction of the new breeding facility, became a new honorary member. Honorary member became also friedrich hummer, the last chairman of the breeders association before the fusion, as well as hans potzinger, which belonged to the association for 36 years at responsible positions.

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