No moss no go in terms of urban development

No moss no go in terms of urban development

The paradox: ideas, expertise and the will to change things alone do not open up new challenges. Concepts are needed. The city wants to create one. Behind the pompous name "integrated urban development concept (isek) is nothing more than an in-depth inventory with the aim of developing measures that can be rapidly implemented. The top priority is to revitalize the city center.

Shrinking space

Because hammelburg is located in a so-called shrinking area, in which the number of inhabitants and jobs is declining, the municipality can hope to receive substantial demand funds. If it invested two million in the project goals, it could probably expect to receive eight million euros in receivables.
"What can the city actually afford?", ruth springer wanted to know. "Rough m reductions are currently not affordable from the city's financial resources", was the serious statement of mayor ernst stross (SPD). In keeping with its commitment not to incur any further debt, the fact that hammelburg can expect to receive the highest possible tax rates as part of the conversion process does not change anything. For hartmut holl (wurzburg), however, this is the wrong approach.

Burghers show interest

His buro fur stadtebau has been commissioned by the city to develop isek together with the municipality. About 120 burgers were already intensively involved in the process on wednesday evening. For them, the rejuvenation of the inner city has absolute priority over improving the inner city as a business and residential location. The topics of "urban design and urban atmosphere" had even less preference in the eyes of the participants at the information event. The "city of tourism and culture" theme is only in fifth place. Here, holl employee holger kess said that the people of burgundy thought that a lot of work had already been done in this area. The second largest employer in the country, probably for the same reasons, is "leisure time" and "social infrastructure.

Retail situation

Before entering into the lively discussion, stefan lenninger (GMA) took the opportunity to present the advantages and disadvantages of hammelburg with regard to the retail trade situation. The GMA studies clearly show which segments are significantly underrepresented in the city center, such as food and beverages (9%).
During the discussion, many concrete suggestions were made on how hammelburg could be further developed for its residents and for potential guests. In working groups and workshops, the ideas are to be bundled and translated into concrete, financially viable measures.

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