Much more than teaching

Rough joy reigned at the secondary school in burgkunstadt. The reason for this was the award of the first prize for extraordinary activities in the school system.

The ministerial representative for secondary schools in upper franconia, johannes koller, and staff member markus zenger came to burgkunstadt to present this unusual award. In his laudatory speech, markus zenger expressed the many activities of the secondary school in addition to the normal teaching.

The commitment in the social area thus deserves a great deal of appreciation. Donation campaigns such as "gifts with a heart" should be mentioned or "helping makes you feel good. When young students from the eighth and ninth grades visit elderly people in an old people's home, it is a welcome change in their daily routine.

Acting responsibly

The fact that other topics, such as responsible action for nature and the environment, are interlinked is shown by the ramadama project carried out with the children of the regens-wagner school. In addition, a new gardening and environmental group was founded. Nesting boxes for birds were built, feeding stations for winter birds were made and maintenance work was carried out on the nature trail. In addition to numerous excursions, a bee project was carried out in cooperation with the forestry office. In addition, a mobile planetarium has enabled students to immerse themselves in the world of the stars.

Religious life

Religious life had also been a theme. Modern worship services, biblical scenes for artistic coloring, informational talks about jewish prayer clothing and needs were all part of the program.

The laudator went on to praise the vocational orientation activities. Examples of this are the participation in the "business driver's license and an in-house education fair.

The demand for school identity also includes sports mentors for "active breaks" and tutors who, in addition to their work as dispute mediators, also offer activities. The activities also included the topics of europe and national unification. So here is especially the school exchange with the twin town of queven in france. Class 9c visited paris and the entire ninth grade visited the buchenwald memorial site.

Furthermore, students from grades 5 to 7 proved their language skills in the english competition "the big challenge. A large number of activities of a preventive nature are also worth mentioning. For example, many schoolchildren took part in events on topics such as drugs, alcohol, traffic, aids or first aid. This was done in cooperation with external partners such as doctors and the police.

In the area of sports and health, tournaments were held or participated in for soccer, athletics, table tennis and beach volleyball.

There have also been some changes in the cultural sphere. At the performance of the children's musical "ghost hour at schauerstein castle young people of the fifth and sixth classes presented talent. Visits to the coburg state theater, a dance class with a prom and an art cooperation with the elementary school rounded out the cultural program.

Praise was also due to the teachers and co-responsible persons of the secondary school. Skillfully, measures were introduced or continued to increase the social competence of the schoolchildren. Together with johannes koller, markus zenger presented the certificate with a check for 400 euros as a prize.

Principal monika geiger was very pleased and explained that the money will be used to renovate the school's natural facilities. 

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