Markus schmittlein honored for 25 years of fire department

Markus schmittlein honored for 25 years of fire department

At the fire department’s annual general meeting, meik reibenweber retired from the leadership team after 24 years as secretary. He was thanked with a prasent. His successor is katharina batz. Chairman jurgen gerlicher, deputy chairman uwe schillig and treasurer dirk bornkessel were confirmed in their offices.

Commander markus kaiser certified the 25 active a very good training, which was reflected in the course statistics. Twelve missions were carried out, among others to several fires. On the first christmas holiday, the service members jolted out to clean up a rough oil damage. Statistically 43 services were completed by 191 participants. The active members of the team also took part in drills and training sessions.

Since the 33 year old portable fire engine is showing more and more signs of failure, a new vehicle will have to be purchased in the near future. Kaiser asked the community to start implementing this project by the beginning of next year at the latest.

According to stefan maier, the five team members completed three training sessions and nine respiratory protection services. "At 84, the number of members is unchanged", announced chairman jurgen gerlicher. He announced that the next date would be the slaughter on 15 june. February at.

For the commitment and willingness to participate in courses and training and to face the service at the next, thanked second mayor joachim hassel and district fire chief jochen mann. Hassel announced that the purchase of a vehicle had already been taken into account in the planning.

For 25 years of service joachim hassel presented markus schmittlein with the silver pin. Schmittlein joined the F schney in 1994 and moved to grobgarnstadt in 2012.

Andre heymann was promoted to senior firefighter, who, like bjorn bauersachs, also received the armelstreifen for 20 years of service.

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