Marga rauh at kab for 50 years

For half a century, marga rauh has been active in the catholic workers' movement. In the context of a celebration hour the chairman andreas endes reminded of the work of the jubilarian, who did not miss any event and meeting. The association had always been able to rely on her. Marga rauh was an indispensable part of the club life. Theater performances and carnival events would have been unthinkable without her. Since the field cross on the kienberg was dedicated in 1993, the jubilarian has been caring for this dignified place of prayer and a wonderful place to linger at all times of the year. Andreas endes said a hearty "vergelt's gott" for the connection and loyalty.

Association speaker manuela hannweber-mahringer expressed the appreciation of the KAB members for the jubilarian. 50 years of active membership is anything but a matter of course. The speaker congratulated in the name of the diozesanverband bamberg. KAB district chairman gunter romig joined in the congratulations and presented the certificate of thanks from the national executive committee. 

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