Make a little christmas market possible

The open letter to mayor dominik sauerteig (SPD) is signed by a diverse group: from the city council, melanie becker, michael dorant, wolfgang weib (all from the 90/die grunen group), thomas apfel, jessica heb and matthias schmidt-curio (all three from the WPC) are involved. Also listed are nico appelfeller (deputy chairman of the FDP coburg), oli schneider (agency streckenbach), ralf pazdera (chairman of the coburg section of the suddeutscher schaustellerverband), kevin pazdera (showman) and steffi cestone (spokeswoman of the board of zentrum coburg). Your request: the city should make something possible, if the christmas market doesn’t take place and also the alternative concept "winterzauber does not come to fruition.

The city’s own enterprise coburg marketing, which usually organizes the christmas market, had worked out an alternative concept with the two locations market and albertsplatz. There should have been more christmas, but fewer food and drink stands, explained horst graf, head of coburg marketing. But also this "winter magic (this is the name of the concept) the administrative senate had not wanted to risk.

"The vendors, whose existence is threatened by the cancellation of folk festivals, rightly wish to be treated equally with the resident traders and restaurateurs in the city center and, last but not least, with the market traders of the coburg weekly market", it says in the open letter that matthias schmidt-curio sent to the media. "Spatially separated stalls and stands with appropriate hygiene concepts could offer an alternative at various locations in the city center, at least for some of the vendors concerned." That such a thing is possible in principle, was shown by the currently at the anger and on the market standing booths and food trucks. Markets were also held regularly in spitalgasse and steinweg.

"We hope that the administration will find a way to designate spaces in the city center for special use. Other french cities have comparable equalized and decentralized ‘christmas concepts’ already in planning", it continues.

Those who want to operate stalls are called upon to help with implementation: "during the advent season, market vendors and restaurateurs who had been present at the coburg christmas market were able to operate market stalls at their own expense with a hygiene concept that they had to work out themselves and that had to be approved by the regulatory authority, thus not only generating an important source of income, but also giving us all a piece of normality during the christmas season", the open letter.

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