Ludschter guardians celebrate

Numerous spectators lined the streets on sunday afternoon to be present at the guardian procession. It was an impressive, colorful sight as the guards – led by regent jeannette heyder and jungschutzen queen lina-marie harnisch – paraded through the streets with honored guests including federal parliament member hans michelbach, state parliament member christa steiger and mayor timo ehrhardt.

Prior to this, honorary guardian helmut heyder took the opportunity to bury the individual delegations from the districts of kronach, coburg and neighboring thuringia. With them to the 401. Schutzenfest were among others the ebersdorfer, kronacher, tettauer, tschirner and steinbacher schutzen.
The procession was accompanied by music from the ludwigsstadt town band and the ebersdorf, reichenbach and lauenstein music societies.

Mayor timo ehrhardt was pleased with the number of visitors. This would document the connection to the ludwigsstadt guardians. He called the bird-shifting a celebration that expresses joie de vivre and openness. He described the privileged guardianship society as a permanent fixture in ludwigsstadt. His joy about the numerous resonance expressed first guardian, johannes haase.

Already on friday evening the spectators were enchanted by the gigantic fireworks display. Saturday was the night in traditional costume with the isartaler witches great atmosphere. And on sunday evening it went on with tom sauer and his kids.

Monday belongs to the families. Already from 9.30 o’clock an early pint takes place. In the afternoon there are reduced prices on all transport services. Glowstick party with "swogger" in the evening announced. On tuesday the proclamation of the king will take place. All in all: the ludschter schutzen know how to celebrate their vogelschieben in a boisterous way.

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