Loyal members honored

The BRK-bereitschaft ramsthal met for its annual celebration to take stock, look ahead to 2019 and cultivate a sense of community. Rudi weik, head of the on-call team, was pleased with the well-attended event. The rescue team not only has a considerable number of active members on standby duty, but is also supported by numerous other helpers at various events.

The annual meeting of the handicapped in ramsthal is always a feat of strength, for which many helpers are needed and whose organization has been taken over by anni wilm for many years. Head of the on-call service rudi weik once again expressed his thanks to fred mantel, who always provided musical accompaniment for the events. In sulzthal, josef buttner and his team ensured that the same event was held. The collection of recyclable materials is a volunteer activity that should not be underestimated, and once again many helping hands are needed. At various events in ramsthal, aura, elfershausen and ebenhausen, the rescue squad provided sanitary services. In the summer, burgers and guests were shown how to use a defibrillator.

The rescue station in mabbach was visited as part of the vacation program for children. Members of the standby team also took part in various exercises, some of them with fire departments. Markus holleber, who runs his practice as a family doctor together with his wife in euerdorf, supported the standby and also drives emergency medical missions in the district association.

New members

Five new members have joined the team, including dr. Tim weisensee another doctor. Weik is pleased with this development in membership, which is unfortunately often the opposite in other towns and cities. He looks optimistically into the future for the ramsthaler readiness, particularly since in the autumn a youth red cross group was again brought into being. He especially mentioned the good cooperation with the fire departments of.

Daniel roder, deputy head of the standby team, then gave an overview of the hours worked by the standby team. 220 hours of sanitary service were provided at various events. The handicapped meetings demanded 240 hours of service. 96 hours of activity by the helpers during the collection of used materials. 189 hours of training and 221 hours of rescue service were completed. With the vacation program, vehicle service and training, a total of 1280 hours of work were put in.

In their speeches, district head alexander kretz and the mayor of ramsthal acknowledged the performance and dedication of the ramsthal team and pledged their support.

Honors for many years of membership in the BRK received for 45 years arno herkenrath and wilhelmine herkenrath. 40 years member is elsbeth buttner, since 30 years member is stefan meierl, 20 years marco bayer, and felix weib and since 15 years daniel roder.

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