Level of training improved

level of training improved

Head of the DLRG teuschnitz and instructor richard bar had good reason to be happy when they handed out various swimming badges. Eight children had undergone the examination to become junior rescuers.

In addition to various swimming performances, which included the towing of an injured person as well as combined exercises in the water for self-rescue and the rescue of others, theoretical knowledge on this subject was also tested. Levi hering, michelle schmidt, nurefsan yalcin, lina bischoff, emma vetter, nuvide yalcin, nevio bayer and laurenz buhling passed this exam with flying colors.

Gabriele grudl and karin, lisa and uwe dressel were also awarded the snorkel diving badge. For this, various swimming performances with fins and a combined rescue exercise had to be completed, as well as the correct handling under water with snorkel and diving goggles had to be proven. But the requirements also included distance and time diving as well as a written examination.

The snorkel diving badge is the preliminary stage and the prerequisite for acquiring the scuba diving certificate at the DLRG. 

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