Humpfner takes over

At the annual general meeting of the SC markt heiligenstadt, the post of chairman was filled again. Following the planned retirement of hartmut klein at the end of 2017, the members unanimously elected dieter humpfner, who had been acting as second chairman, as his successor. New deputy is stefan reichold.
After a one-year vacancy, reiner braungart has made himself available for the office of construction and maintenance. The fubball department also has a new head, stefan reichold.
He replaces erich dorsch, who has been acting temporarily for several years. The latter remains with the association as an honorary officer.
In previous meetings, the team around "das sport-echo" were with fabian gorg at the helm and matthias potzel won over for public relations work in addition marion baier and ralph sponsel support the work of peter bachmann in the economic enterprise.
After the by-elections, the meeting was a little bit lively. The sporting achievements of all youth and senior departments were highlighted. All speakers thanked the outgoing chairman hartmut klein.
In the 20 years of its board work, the association has had to jump over many an organizational hurdle and avoid financial pitfalls. Mayor helmut kramer praised the work of the SC.
Finally, chairman dieter humpfner announced an evening of honors.

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