Hansch manages the konigs-triple

As a district councilor, city councillor and chairman of the winegrowers’ association, alexander hansch is a jack of all trades anyway. Now he can also claim the title of "king of nenzenheim. On monday, he became guardian king with a 161.0-divider. And this for the third time – a novelty in the history of the team.

But hansch has a female part as well: wine princess christina hartmann already won the title of gauschutzen queen in the spring with a 12.0. And she was also successful in the competitions at the church fair: the young woman won both the church fair target with a score of 87.5 and the ladies’ target with a score of 161.7.

It is always an exciting spectacle when the guardian society proclaims its sovereigns on church monday. For who has become king, only a few initiated know. A procession of guards, led by the altmannshauser musicians, marched through the village. But this time the guards and their entourage were amazed when they stopped at christina hartmann’s house and sports director friedrich brose explained that christina was not the queen at all.

Because of the gau-title they celebrated in the courtyard, until it went on to the new king alexander hansch.

In addition to hansch and hartmann, other sovereigns were crowned in the end. First knight was sven runagel with a 290,1 part, followed by bernd hartmann with a 354,2 part.

In the youth class no new king was crowned, because the participation was too low. Therefore stella wolf remains in office. In order for her to be able to take part in the gaukonigsschieben, she had nevertheless fired a king’s shot and achieved a respectable 242.6-piece score.

Burgerkonigin with a 126,2-piece became iris sandreuter, followed by matthias schultheib (272,9-piece) and roland lorek (329,2-piece). The second place winner on the kirchweihscheibe is wolfgang freyberger, followed by friedrich brose. In the ladies were anne schneider and stella wolf the nachstbesten.

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