Grafengehaig: only two births, but 14 deaths

Grafengehaig: only two births, but 14 deaths

Mayor werner burger gave an overview of the development of the community. The population of 878 increased by three compared to the previous year. Two births are offset by 14 deaths. Five marriages were celebrated in the registry office. The head of the municipality was able to congratulate 22 burghers on birthdays of 80 years or older.

Eight building sites are available in the main town of grafengehaig for the construction of single-family houses. The plots are available for ten euros per square meter. In addition, there are development costs of 20 euros per square meter.

The "pfiffikus" kindergarten in eppenreuth includes 30 sites. 135 children are currently being taught at the primary and secondary school in marktleugast, 22 of them from the market town of grafengehaig.

115,000 euros in property tax revenues are expected in the current budget year, 84,000 euros in trade tax and 3450 euros in dog tax. The debt is expected to be just under 300,000 euros at the end of 2018. 7250 euros are to be paid in interest on the loan. The per capita debt is 340 euros per inhabitant, which is below the state average of 525 euros for comparable municipalities.

The broadband expansion project was completed on 25. November 2017, the first claim procedure was completed. At the same time, the second claim procedure has been initiated and the so-called "farm bonus" has been granted have been applied for. 90 households to receive fiber optics to the home by 2022. The contract was signed on 2. Signed in grafengehaig town hall on november and includes an investment volume of 1.03 million euros. 900 000 euro will be covered by the state of bavaria. For the market grafengehaig remains a contribution of about 100 000 euros.

119 women and men perform active voluntary service in the five fire departments in the municipality’s area. The grafengehaig fire department founded a new fire department with 14 girls and boys under the name "grofenkarer loschkids" a children’s fire brigade.

The renovation of the frankenwaldhalle is nearing completion at a total cost of around 920,000 euros, which will be subsidized by the state of bavaria to the tune of 750,000 euros as part of the KIP program. At a cost of 763,000 euros, the house at marktplatz 1 in grafengehaig is being renovated and will be used in the future as a village community center. The demand notice with 90 per cent from funds of the demand offensive "northeast bavaria is available.

Funds have also been requested for the demolition and landscaping of two other dilapidated buildings in grafengehaig and eppenreuth.

Among the planned projects are also the construction of a new road weidmes-guttenberger hammer, the creation of a sewer cadastre, the renovation of the clearing plant grafengehaig, as well as additional inspections of the core road network and necessary road renovations.

2018 was marked by prominent events in the context of the 700th anniversary of the founding of the company. Grafengehaig’s anniversary. Many well-attended festive concerts took place. Other outstanding events were the star hike organized by the franconian forest association, the deanery church service, and the "open garden day" of the district of kulmbach and the district fruit exhibition.

The advent festival concert with the music association marktleugast, the mannergesangverein "concordia" will be the final event grafengehaig and the family beck/schneider on sunday, 9. December, at 5 p.M. In the heilig-geist church.

Second mayor volker kirschenlohr emphasized the harmony and very good cooperation in the market town council of grafengehaig and thanked mayor werner burger for his dedicated work and extraordinary commitment to the market town of grafengehaig and its citizens.

Rene hubrich praised the excellent work of the municipality on behalf of the burgschaft. There was a demand for building sites, but they were all privately owned and not owned by the municipality. Interest also exists in the purchase of houses.

"The municipal council has already dealt with this. We will address the issue of housing in one of the next meetings, but it will not happen overnight", countered by mayor werner burger.

The meeting of the owners of the village store "unner ladla" followed the meeting of the castle with the report by the ladla managing director michael laaber an. The turnover has now reached after eight years the 2.9 million euro mark. A large number of regional products are sold.

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