Frank schneider from kulmbach receives the green angel award

frank schneider from Kulmbach receives the green angel award

The special award is given for exemplary performance and long-term, sustainable, voluntary commitment in the environmental field, such as participation in species protection mapping, the recording and compilation of red lists and atlases, species aid, protection and maintenance surveys, activities in the nature conservation watch and in nature conservation advisory councils or the implementation of natural history tours. The award consists of a certificate and a badge of honor.

The award was presented for the first time in 2018 by the then minister of state ulrike scharf (CSU). Associations, municipalities and private individuals can suggest people to be honored.

Environment minister thorsten glauber () emphasized in his speech at the handover that frank schneider’s heartfelt concerns were species conservation and the protection of habitats. As a member of the LBV-kreisgruppe kulmbach, he is valued for his manifold activities. In addition, his family supported him with membership in the same club.

"In addition to ornithological excursions, intergenerational work and a wide-ranging public relations work, their commitment to the protection of the meadow butterflies in the rotmain valley is particularly noteworthy. The focus is especially on the endangered brown thrasher and the lapwing, which is on the international red list, the environment minister praised the kulmbacher.

Deputy district administrator jorg kunstmann (CSU) congratulated the district of kulmbach.

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