For 60 years, a lookout for the weak

For 60 years, a lookout for the weak

Langensendelbach – the vdk langensendelbach seems almost unimaginable without bernhard leisgang as its chairman. And although leisgang still continues in office, he would like to see a rejuvenated board in order to inject new impetus into the local association

Get. For 50 years, bernhard leisgang has been chairman of the vdk local association of langensendelbach.

District administrator hermann ulm, mayor oswald siebenhaar and the district manager of the vdk, gunther edl, thanked him for his commitment.

You can’t really imagine that bernhard leisgang has been chairman for 50 years, ulm said in his laudatory speech. When he was elected in 1969, he was the youngest vdk chairman in bavaria. He was a member of the vdk district executive committee in forchheim for twenty years. "That’s just amazing", said ulm.

All this began with a heavy blow of fate. A meningitis as a toddler left bernhard leisgang paralyzed on one side, and his father enrolled him in the vdkwillersdorf at the age of eight. It

Should it become a lifelong relationship. At the age of 19, he took over from the founding chairman of the vdk willersdorf, josef leisgang. He was a distant relative. "They said another leisgang had to do it, and it probably wasn’t the worst idea, as we now know.", said ulm. And emphasized: "that we are together today in the inn alter peter, is

Of course, this was due to love, because leisgang moved to langensendelbach in 1979 and led the vdk willersdorf from here until 1993 and then took over the vdk langensendelbach with 64 members in 1994."

That the local association of langensendelbach today has 246 members is largely thanks to him and his wife monika, who as treasurer and personal assistant does all the daily things that her husband cannot do from his wheelchair.

Now you could say that bernhard leisgang will soon be 70 years old, so he’ll be quieter, but that’s not the case. Because on closer examination of all his honorary tasks as a municipal representative for the disabled, vdk advisor for accessibility, member of the kreisseniorenring, employee of the open work for the disabled in the district of forchheim and regional representative for franconia at the german sepsis help in jena, it does not look like that. Sepsis aid has been a particular concern of his ever since he was taken off his feet by blood poisoning ten years ago and forced into a wheelchair.

That was also the time for him to give up his job as head of the katharinen hospital in forchheim and take early retirement. "This does not detract from his enormous commitment to helping poor, sick and handicapped people, encouraging them and sparing them the stress of everyday life, the laudator emphasized. "For this superhuman commitment to the welfare of the weakest" thanked district administrator

Hermann ulm in person and on behalf of all county residents.

"We can be glad and proud that there are people like bernhard leisgang, who have an eye for the needs of the weakest in our society", said first mayor oswald siebenhaar. The municipality of langensendelbach is pleased that leisgang, in his capacity as municipal representative for the disabled, supports and advises the municipality on specialist issues relating to accessibility.

Vdk district manager gunther edl praised leisgang’s work locally as well as in the district association. Finally, there was a special tribute to monika leisgang and heidi proksch, who have worked for 25 years as collectors for the annual

Collection campaign "help heal wounds" in the community are on the way. Monika schmitt, udo weigand, helmut and erika fursattel, and peter niermann were also honored for ten years of membership in the local association. 20 years of loyalty: karin heimund, wilhelmine sollinger and karl heinz wirth.

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