Fc elfershausen builds on loyal members

Fc elfershausen builds on loyal members

Tuned in by two songs from the FC children's group, dear nikolaus horst wal) review the sports year. Praise and – moderate – blame were close together here. In his review of the fubball year, wald reminded the audience that fubball comes before celebrating and not the other way around. The FC can currently look forward to a good intake. The sport of soccer attracts so many children and young people that the FC has run out of trainers and supervisors. The request of santa claus: "make a contribution for the youngest".
"A bunch of confused people, screaming, throwing themselves to the ground, still singing to the spectators", the holy man in the club was honored. The volleyball players, who were meant, were allowed to make up their own minds about it.
The FC theater group had a lot of laughs with their play "der taube michl" on their side. Albrecht haun, rainer kuhn, johanna zwecker and tobias warter tickled the dwarf skins of the spectators. Also the sketch "clothes shopping", rehearsed by maria fox and skilfully staged by martina ugo and ilse rothenbucher, created a happy atmosphere.
A thrilling decision was made in the election of the sportsman of the year. None of the nominees received more than a quarter of the 152 votes cast. It is not important to determine a winner, because the four nominated are already "winners" were, emphasized chairman volker eck. Sonja schwab finally received the most votes by a narrow margin for her commitment to the school teams of FC elfershausen and the organization of training sessions and games.


50 years in the celebration accompanied by the "gesangverein frohsinn" helmuth roth received the honorary pin and certificate for six decades of loyalty to the FC. Manfred neeb, otmar kuhn, reinhard louda and jurgen berger have been members of the sports club for 50 years. Board member volker eck presented them with the honorary pin and certificate.

40 years as long as irene louda, maria neeb, irmgard hartmann, wiltrud wiesend, manfred feustel, regina wald, klaus polz, maria edelmann, maria bohmer, hannelore neeb, traute straub, sieglinde weiglmeier, mizzi neeb and margot brux belong to the FC.

25 years a quarter of a century winfried brux, ute stockmann, monika egert, beate fischlein, jessica jopp, claudia grom, dieter hamel, florian ubelacker and alexander mutzel are members of the association.

BFV honors for the bavarian fubball association norbert schwab honored the long-serving members with an honorary pin and a certificate. These are helmuth roth (60 years), herbert pramsthaler, ingrid wagner, reinhard louda and jurgen berger (all 50 years). 

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