Fastnachtverband franken honors dedicated “blummazupfer” (flower pickers)

Fastnachtverband franken honors dedicated

After the power takeover in weisendorf at the town hall storm on the 11.11. Without any major problems and now the fools of the "blummazupfer at the oar, the order commemoration was now on the agenda. It was not only a matter of awarding the sessionsorden, but also of honoring members who have rendered outstanding services to the association. This was done by the fastnachtverband franken.

One of these people is kerstin schuhlein, who received the order of merit of the franken carnival association. Since february 2002, schuhlein has been a member of the "blummazupfern". Her two daughters were still dancing in the garden, she said, and so it was no question for her to join the association.

At the beginning schuhlein brought her daughter to the training and to the performances and went, like many other parents, again. But: "at some point I realized that every helping hand could be used in youth work, so it was natural for me to help".

"Peter pan" almost alone
Since then, kerstin schulein not only takes care of the garden, but is also very involved as a member of the community. The costumes for the show dance of the youth guard "peter pan almost single-handedly. Beside the honorary work in the association schuhlein has still time, with the "wild women" the weisendorf flower picker" to dance along. She has also been a member of the dance team since 2003.

Before the garden showed their dances, some of which were new, the social part was on the program. Among the guests were mostly parents, brothers and sisters, but also grandmothers and grandfathers of the girls. Starting with the "purzelgarde, the smallest and youngest in the club, it went on blow by blow. They showed their new show dance "pippi longstocking". The "little stars the youth and junior guards followed and the highlight was made by the "blummazupfergarde", the signboard of the "blummazupfer", who also presented their new marching dance. The dance program was rounded off by the two dance marieches of the carnival club herzogenaurach, laura zollner and melisa schopp.

Thanks to trainers
In the meeting there were also new appointments of positions to be announced. After an extraordinary meeting of members, susi nix, the long-time trainer of the weisendorfer garden, and her husband bernhard nix resigned as department heads.

The training of the garden was taken over by the previous co-trainers. Different for the "blummazupfergarde", where anja herbig and andrea heller from the carnival club herzogenaurach, KCH for short, as well as michaela geisendorfer from the carnival society "prunknesia emskirchen" were also present the association energetically supported. The thanks of the president of the meeting, peter nofski, were therefore not only for the good work of his own trainers, but also for the trainers of the KCH and the prunknesia. That with all garden very good training work was done, was shown by the applause of the professional audience.

The fastnachtverband franken was represented by stefan "edi" herbig. He, supported by dieter braunlein, presented the awards. The silver badge of honor was awarded to sabine horneber and thomas kratz. Both members are very active in the club.

Gold for jimmy ziegler
Kratz devotes himself more to the technical stories. He supports the association with the preparation and the construction for the gala sessions and brings in many ideas and suggestions. Sabine horneber supports the trainers and supervisors in their work after the end of her active time as a dancer in the garden and helps out where she is needed.

The gold pin was awarded to karl-heinz "jimmy" ziegler. Since recently head of the "weisendorfer blummazupfern" department, ziegler has been a member of the eleven council since april 2002 and is actively involved in setting up and preparing the gala sessions. He also provides a mobile base, i.E. A truck, for the "blummazupfer" participate in parades or other activities.

Before ziegler took over the post of department head in june of this year, he was vice-president for five years. This position was officially taken over by matthias petsch on saturday.
Last but not least, melanie jackel, julia kleebauer and nina ziegler received the silver pin from the federation of german carnival for their dance performance. In bronze there was the pin for fraia schmidt.

Ticket presale runs
The two gala sessions of the session take place in the multipurpose hall in weisendorf on friday, 26th friday., and saturday, 27. January, takes place. The advance ticket sales are already in full swing.

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