Elementary school students plant trees to combat climate change

Boys and girls from class 2a of the konigsberg elementary school planted shrubs and trees in the district of hellingen.

Against the climate change

Planting trees is one of the most effective ways to combat climate change. Under this statement, the district started the campaign last year for young people to plant trees. This was to be done primarily together with the schools in the district of habberge. The support of the building yards of the cities and municipalities was expected.

The goal was to plant 1000 trees in the county in 2020 and 2021. The corona pandemic brought delays to the project.

The regiomontanus elementary school in konigsberg took part in the planting campaign with the second grade class. For this purpose, the schoolchildren, together with their teacher and principal elke ankenbrand and her companion luisa arnold, hiked to hellingen to plant trees and shrubs that had been made available by the district administration office in a rough open space near the cemetery. Guntram ulsamer, district advisor for horticulture and land conservation from the district office and head of the planting campaign, was waiting on site. The mayor claus bittenbrunn and the hellingen city councilor frank slawik (OHL) as well as members of the city's building yard also came to the event. They not only provided advice and assistance with the planting, but also brought along aids such as gardening gloves for the children.

The boys and girls planted a total of 220 shrubs such as dogwood, chokecherry, hazel, hawthorn, sloe, dog rose, pike rose, elderberry and snowball as well as 140 trees such as field maple, chestnut, robinia, oak, walnut, black walnut, mulberry, as well as wild service tree, wild cherry and wild pear.

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