Council rejects solar plant because of criticism from the population

council rejects solar plant because of criticism from the population

With one dissenting vote, the oberleichtersbach municipal council rejected the construction of a free-standing photovoltaic plant on bernbrunner strabe in unterleichtersbach in its most recent meeting. The "energiebauern gmbh" had submitted the corresponding proposal provided. Representatives of the company, as well as opponents and supporters of the plant, were present as listeners at the municipal council meeting, which underlines the importance of the project for the citizens.
Before the meeting, the municipality had already received about 200 signatures, mainly from the unterleichtersbach district, against the solar park. In july, representatives of energiebauern gmbh had presented the project to the municipal council. In september, the citizens had the opportunity to learn more about the project at an information event on site and at the hotel "rhonhof" to inform about details of the planned solar park. The 69 participants of the event discussed the topic very controversially. The opponents of the project formed and collected signatures against it in the population.

Criticism of the situation and

The opponents criticize, among other things, the location of the facility in the landscape and the use of space. After a short discussion, in which most of the councillors showed understanding for the arguments of the opponents, mayor dieter muth (WG) put the motion to the vote.
The council had no objections to the construction of an annex to an existing building in unterleichtersbach by the company "hanse haus". The proposal of the company "rhonschotter gmbh" from oberleichtersbach on the granting of the immission control permit for the construction and operation of a waste and debris storage hall in the buchrasen industrial area, the town council referred the matter back to the district administration of bad kissingen. Since the development limits were not complied with and the documents were not complete, the municipal council was unable to give its approval at the moment, it said in explanation. A member of the municipal council suggested updating the coordination of the occupancy schedule of the gymnasium at the elementary school with the users. On this occasion, the use by non-local clubs should also be regulated.

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