Co-guarantors for the success of the region

As a thank you for their many years of commitment to vocational training, the chamber of industry and commerce for upper franconia bayreuth honored a total of 32 men and women for more than 20 years of service in kloster banz. Prufers from the cities and counties of bamberg, bayreuth, hof, kronach, kulmbach and lichtenfels were honored.

The keynote speech was given by gudrun brendel-fischer, who was appointed honorary commissioner of the bavarian state government by minister-president markus soder in march. Together with IHK chief executive gabriele hohenner, she presented the certificates. Petra kreuzer-seifert and rudolf eckstein were honored from the lichtenfels district.

With around 10,000 examiners per year, the chamber of industry and commerce fulfills its obligation to ensure the continuation of vocational training and further education, the chief executive emphasized: "around 2,600 voluntary examiners are working in the chamber district with great commitment." The requirements for a modern examination system and innovative learning structures, which have increased enormously in recent years in times of digital change, have made it more important than ever for the chamber of commerce and industry to involve qualified personnel. Almost every professional field requires that each individual continues his or her professional development. Company-related projects and the use of new media are therefore an important part of the auditing process.

To the heart and kidneys

Turning to the examiners, gabriele hohenner said: "with their heart and soul examinations, they provide the job market with reliable information about their professional qualifications and assume a high level of responsibility." Their conclusion: the auditors invested the most valuable thing a human being can possess – their personal time. Gudrun brendel-fischer: "the prufer are in honorary office co-guarantors for the success of our economic region." The verdict of the judges has an impact on the future life of a young person.

In 175 training occupations and 36 advanced training courses, they performed around 60,000 volunteer hours in upper franconia. The honorary office of the prufer also supports the self-administration of the economy, fischer-brendel noted. "With this, they uphold the most important motto of our vocational training and our worldwide education export hit 'dual education'." The prufer are not only a job engine and a generator of skilled labor, but also strengthen the local educational forces and ensure equal living conditions. Whoever can show a practical education and a high professional qualification, stands on the best springboard for job and career. The honorees were congratulated by deputy district administrator monika faber, third mayor winfried weinbeer, head of the state vocational school in lichtenfels hans-jurgen lichy and deputy chairman of the lichtenfels chamber of commerce and industry michael moslein. Moni kober and joe greiner played music between the parts of the program. The moderation was taken over by bernd rehorz, head of vocational training at the chamber of commerce and industry. 

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