Church administrator honored – erika gerspitzer bids farewell

church administrator honored - erika gerspitzer bids farewell

There were three occasions at once on sunday in the parish church st. Ludwig marktbreit at the sunday mass: the outgoing members of the church administration were bidden farewell and the new ones were introduced. After six years, erika gerspitzer takes over new tasks, according to a press release.

New members of the church administration are: martin adam (church administrator), willi deschner (accountant), thomas seitz (secretary), marie-luise zurhake, monika jacob, klaus lempert, marion frischholz, and klaus grillmeier. In the future, they will be responsible for the structural and financial interests of the church foundation st. Ludwig marktbreit represented by the obernbreit and marktsteft branches.

After the sermon of the main celebrant, pastor gerhard spockl, pastor adam possmayer presented the outgoing church administration members for their many years of service the honorary pin of bishop franz to: bernhard bruckner (42 years, renate zinner (36), elisabeth zepter fur (24/all church administration obernbreit) and wolfgang weber (30) in the church administration marktbreit. Gertraud stintzing was presented with a certificate of thanks from the bishop for 18 years of service in the church administration in obernbreit. Hildegard mark (marktbreit), ralph bogelein and marika burggraf (both marktsteft) received a letter of thanks from the parish for their work during the past term of office.

In his laudatory speech, pastor possmayer made special mention of the volunteer work in and around the church. Maria regina obernbreit were outstanding. In 2017, the first phase of renovation was completed with work on the church roof and the installation of a weekday chapel. Further construction phases are needed to renovate the church, which was built in 1970. In marktsteft, the parish hall under the church of the resurrection of our lord jesus christ could be renovated and three bells could be purchased, which were rung on 19. June 2016 were inaugurated in a festive church service. The church foundation of marktbreit also contributed many volunteer hours to the renovation of the parish hall and thus created a place of encounter for the parish.

At the end of the service, parish assistant erika gerspitzer was bidden farewell. In the future, she will devote her full time to the parish community of st. Germany. Hedwig in the kitzinger land will contribute. She expressed her gratitude for the encounters in the various groups and especially for the ecumenical ties to the protestant parishes. Since the introduction of gerspitzer six years ago, together with pastor possmayer, a lot has happened in the single parish of marktbreit with the branches obernbreit and marktsteft, as well as the associated villages gnodstadt, martinsheim, enheim, segnitz and michelfeld. Parish priest spockl, who had been entrusted with the administration of the parish by the bishop during the sick leave of parish priest possmayer, also thanked gerspitzer and promised that she would continue to perform tasks in the parish in the future. Ludwig will take over.

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