Mainschleifenbahn: passenger study is late

Mainschleifenbahn: passenger study is late

26 minutes on the mainschleifenbahn from volkach to wurzburg. The optimism of being able to achieve this goal in the near future was still high less than a year ago. In the meantime, the proponents of the line between astheim and seligenstadt have become very disillusioned. The demand study, which was supposed to open the way to the german rail network and the direction of wurzburg, has been stuck for months – at the bavarian railroad company (BEG).

The direct connection to wurzburg seemed close for once. In november 2016, the CSU member of the state parliament otto hunnerkopf explained during a press interview that the ministry of the interior had awarded the contract for the demand forecast (potential analysis). The result will be available in spring 2017. Hoped-for result of the forecast was 1000 passengers per day. This would be the minimum requirement for a revival of the line.

A motor for the partnership with the city of ebern

At the patronage festival st. After a procession through the village, klaus knapp, master of the old castle of st. James in strass in the zillertal valley, was awarded honorary citizenship of his community during a ceremony. Klaus knapp was a councillor for 30 years and mayor of the partner community of the city of ebern for 18 years until 2014. He was very committed to the partnership with ebern. For this reason, mayor jurgen hennemann and former mayor herrmann did not miss the opportunity to take part in the ceremony in front of the town hall in strass.
In bright sunshine, the current mayor karl eberharter and herwig van staa, governor of a.D., the merits of klaus knapp for his community.

Many visits and encounters

Mayor hennemann presented the greetings of the city council and the city of ebern to the partner municipality strass in the zillertal valley and emphasized the commitment of klaus knapp for the partnership of the two municipalities, which was founded in 1980. In the 38 years of partnership there have been many visits and encounters, and friendships have developed. For this, people like klaus knapp are needed to accompany this and serve as a motor, hennemann said in his greeting.
"You, as a tourism chairman and then as a mayor, have always cultivated the partnership and ensured that people could meet each other. From this point of view, you more than deserve the honor", said hennemann. It is important to organize meetings across national borders and to bring people together. There is no better protection against exclusion, prejudice and racism.

Textile companies promise protection for workers in bangladesh

Textile companies promise protection for workers in Bangladesh

"This is a turning point," UNI global union, the international trade union federation, said in geneva on thursday. "Implementation starts now." The agreement should better protect millions of workers in production facilities. The companies are thus responding to demands by the trade unions following the collapse of a factory building on 24. April near dhaka with more than 1100 dead.

The agreement for better labor protection, which has so far only applied to bangladesh, is to be extended to other countries at the request of trade unions. Labor representatives are determined to do this, also in view of the recent news about a roof collapse on a factory site in cambodia, the trade union umbrella organizations industriall and UNI global union said.

With salad heads into the wiesentheider jungle

Jungle night in wiesentheid offered five hours of fun, atmosphere and entertainment in the fully occupied steigerwald hall. The kolping carnival society (kokage) had once again brought in some top-class performers from the french cabaret scene for the program. In addition sitzungsprasident stefan friend could rely on its troop. With the dances the six groups, dance mariechen and dance pair supplied again a proof for the strong dance level. For the first time, the two new junior formations of the "rainbow guard" took part and the "gentle-boys, further evidence of the great work being done by the fiber eights with young people.

In the butt, helga bachner and tatjana kapp as "betty and irmgard" took care of the rest two ladies for the local color. First of all, they had the steigerwaldhalle in mind, which they had to inspect from the public order office. The audience was involved, and they repeatedly made allusions to local topics, such as the salad factory. "Instead of flowers, there must be lettuce heads on it", irmgard criticized the table decoration in the hall. In addition, the two checked with a folding rule whether the distances between the seats were correct. You have to be careful there, too. "It is not so unusual that one leaves the meeting if one does not like something", they went into a local council meeting.

Mayerhofer with double win

Felix mayerhofer was once again unstoppable at the seblach city run. Suarez, who previously taught at the siegmund-loewe-realschule in kronach, first competed in the four-kilometer race – and then went on to run in the ten-kilometer main race. The result was the same in each case: he celebrated unchallenged victories.

After a two-year break, the city run was held again for the seblach old town festival – in its third edition. More than 200 participants took part in the three races on the challenging course around the city wall.

Kirchaich car dealership defies the vw crisis and invests in new premises

Kirchaich car dealership defies the vw crisis and invests in new premises

As the biggest investment in the 70-year history of the company, the VW car dealership heil in kirchaich has officially put the new showroom and administration building into operation. For the inauguration ceremony, combined with the presentation of the new "tiguan, manfred heil and his family had invited many guests to the company building, especially the employees and the companies involved in the construction work.
Many congratulators expressed their congratulations to the heil family – on the successful new building as well as on the successful company history as a whole. The car dealership has its roots in a two-wheeler dealership founded by leo and rita heil in 1946. Autohaus heil has been a VW partner since 1964. The family in the oberaurach district invested continuously in its business, especially in modern workshop equipment including a paint shop and, since 2011, also a washing facility.
In 2014, the company decided to build a new showroom and administration building, which completely changed the appearance of the car dealership towards the main street of kirchaich and sets a local accent.
Emmerich engels, head of the sales organization of VW germany, said it was remarkable that a family business in the rural area could achieve such a high level of success as the heil car dealership and make such an investment, especially in the current times "and then, during the reconstruction, once again belong to the club of the 50 best VW car dealers.
Deputy district administrator oskar ebert () and mayor thomas sechser (CSU) also thanked the heil family for their commitment to the kirchaich site. As a "company that lives the automobile, roland heuer, the head of the automotive guild of lower franconia, described the company in kirchaich as "a great success". The church blessing for the new premises was given by the native church priest christian montag, who gave this blessing under the benedictine motto "ora et labora" presented.

Gold for gloria leuschner and annika steinlein

Six junior teams of DJK kersbach/DJK eggolsheim started in weibenburg at the 2. Bavarian junior tournament 2018. They were supported by their coaches christina strauchmann, leonie muller and judge katharina preller as well as many parents who gave them a big thumbs up.

Medal places in weibenburg

Filiz and sibel specht (kersbach) won the second place in the women’s pairs, sophia kovacevic and sophie bogelein (kersbach) won the third place. Lilly berger, ella kraus and anna eberlein (eggolsheim) made the third place in the women’s groups.

Level of training improved

level of training improved

Head of the DLRG teuschnitz and instructor richard bar had good reason to be happy when they handed out various swimming badges. Eight children had undergone the examination to become junior rescuers.

In addition to various swimming performances, which included the towing of an injured person as well as combined exercises in the water for self-rescue and the rescue of others, theoretical knowledge on this subject was also tested. Levi hering, michelle schmidt, nurefsan yalcin, lina bischoff, emma vetter, nuvide yalcin, nevio bayer and laurenz buhling passed this exam with flying colors.

Champions cup begins:the secret club world cup is booming

Hanover (dpa) – from jurgen klopp to pep guardiola, from real madrid to bayern munchen: 18 top european teams will play for the international champions cup (ICC) starting friday (local time).

Until the 12. August, the continent’s best teams will play for the cup mainly in the u.S., but also in seven european stadiums and singapore. The tournament resembles a secret club world championship. It is booming, the rough arenas will be full, even if stars like cristiano ronaldo are missing.