Breaking taboos inankara: deputy with headscarf in parliament

Breaking taboos inankara: deputy with headscarf in parliament

The last time the deputy merve kavakci appeared in parliament in ankara wearing a headscarf was in 1999. It had triggered a scandal. It was deprived of its turkish citizenship and its seat in parliament.

Prime minister recep tayyip erdogan overturned the ban on headscarves in public service only at the end of last month. Only women in the security forces and the judiciary are still prohibited from wearing the headscarf. Some sacular turks see the wearing of the garment as an expression of sympathy for islamism. From the ranks of liberal turks, however, it is also argued that women should decide for themselves whether or not to wear headscarves.

Ballet nordhausen dances in coburg

The ballet company of the nordhausen theater was founded at the beginning of the 2016/2017 season as "ballet TN LOS!" Under the leadership of ballet director ivan alboresi newly formed. Twelve dancers from currently eight nations dance in two new rough ballet evenings each season, as well as in a chamber dance evening choreographed by themselves. The spectrum ranges from the rough ballet classic "swan lake to premieres like the commissioned ballet "the cranes of ibykus", composed by christoph ehrenfellner for the ballet in nordhausen.

For the landestheater coburg the guests from nordhausen will perform the choreography "if i go" dance. This became the exhibition opening "the beautiful reaper" created at the kunsthaus meyenburg nordhausen and on 24. March 2018 premiered there. The dance shows the eternal cycle that leads to death, but also the charm that death has.

For 60 years, a lookout for the weak

For 60 years, a lookout for the weak

Langensendelbach – the vdk langensendelbach seems almost unimaginable without bernhard leisgang as its chairman. And although leisgang still continues in office, he would like to see a rejuvenated board in order to inject new impetus into the local association

Get. For 50 years, bernhard leisgang has been chairman of the vdk local association of langensendelbach.

And the name is: archie harrison mountbatten-windsor

And the name is: archie harrison mountbatten-windsor

The youngest member of the british royal family is archie harrison mountbatten-windsor. This announced prince harry (34) and his wife meghan (37) on instagram.

A royal title like his parents, officially the duke and duchess of sussex, will not be given to the little one, as a spokeswoman for buckingham palace said. "It is called master archie," said the speaker. "Master" in english is the distinguished form of address for a child.

Donations for active citizens

Donations for active citizens

Eleven clubs and organizations in the city of herzogenaurach benefited from a donation from raiffeisenbank erlangen-hochstadt-herzogenaurach. Michael schmidt, head of the niederndorf branch, and his colleague from herzogenaurach, walter wagner, focused on the importance of volunteering in their keynote speeches. "Idealism and volunteerism are indispensable for the existence of an intact society", winter said to the club representatives. "That is why VR-bank supports active citizens, if only to uphold the cooperative idea of helping people to help themselves, michael schmidt explained.
In this context, marketing manager gabriele stiefler also emphasized the commitment of the trainees, who are also involved in social activities.
The twenty agencies have already distributed more than 110,000 euros from sponsorship to associations and organizations this year. In herzogenaurach, the following organizations received support this year: TS herzogenaurach, heimatverein herzogenaurach, lebenshilfe, betriebshelferausschuss, liederkranz herzogenaurach, kath. Church foundation st. Magdalena, catholic church foundation st. Otto, evangelical church community, catholic church st. Josef, hammerbach sports club, herzogenaurach hospice association

Hansch manages the konigs-triple

As a district councilor, city councillor and chairman of the winegrowers’ association, alexander hansch is a jack of all trades anyway. Now he can also claim the title of "king of nenzenheim. On monday, he became guardian king with a 161.0-divider. And this for the third time – a novelty in the history of the team.

But hansch has a female part as well: wine princess christina hartmann already won the title of gauschutzen queen in the spring with a 12.0. And she was also successful in the competitions at the church fair: the young woman won both the church fair target with a score of 87.5 and the ladies’ target with a score of 161.7.

Loyal members honored

The BRK-bereitschaft ramsthal met for its annual celebration to take stock, look ahead to 2019 and cultivate a sense of community. Rudi weik, head of the on-call team, was pleased with the well-attended event. The rescue team not only has a considerable number of active members on standby duty, but is also supported by numerous other helpers at various events.

The annual meeting of the handicapped in ramsthal is always a feat of strength, for which many helpers are needed and whose organization has been taken over by anni wilm for many years. Head of the on-call service rudi weik once again expressed his thanks to fred mantel, who always provided musical accompaniment for the events. In sulzthal, josef buttner and his team ensured that the same event was held. The collection of recyclable materials is a volunteer activity that should not be underestimated, and once again many helping hands are needed. At various events in ramsthal, aura, elfershausen and ebenhausen, the rescue squad provided sanitary services. In the summer, burgers and guests were shown how to use a defibrillator.

Dortmund’s subotic convinced: “we can do better”

Dortmund's subotic convinced:

Everyday life in the bundesliga, thrills in the champions league – for the professionals of the almost dethroned champions from dortmund, the main focus is on the european kings league.

"It's like we're going to an adventure park," neven subotic confessed before wednesday's quarterfinal first leg at FC malaga, "we want to stay as long as possible. The best roller coasters come at the end."The chance of BVB making it to the last four for the first time in 15 years adds to the excitement. "We know we can do something very rough," subotic told the "kicker" soccer league.

Spreading good cheer with dialect

Gunda muller, who is well known throughout lichtenfels and beyond for her amusing dialect presentations, celebrated her 90th birthday at the rauch guesthouse in oberwallenstadt, which is owned by her son. Birthday.
There could be few people who did not know gunda muller, who was married for 58 years to rudi muller, a police officer who died six years ago. For decades she was involved in various associations and also provided entertainment at a wide variety of events.
So she was at the SV borussia settlement lichtenfels, where her husband for 15 years as 2. She was chairman of the association for many years and also held the office of the secretary. At christmas parties she appeared as santa claus and at carnival she shone with brilliant butt speeches.
"But not only at borussia, but also at many clubs and private individuals, i played the role of nicholas for almost 20 years, delighting young and old alike," said, underlined the birthday celebrant. She has been a CSU member for 32 years and was for many years the secretary of the local women’s union. She showed her acting talent as a member of the theater groups of the djk, the kolping family and the werdenfelser. "With the theater stucco ‘at night in the green cockatoo’ i have even been on tv", remembered gunda muller.
Until a few years ago, she created a good atmosphere and a happy mood with her funny dialect poems for many clubs and organizations such as KAB, BRK, werdenfelser, catholic women’s association or parish seniors, to name just a few.
Her favorite congratulators were her children thomas muller, martina muller and annette kerner as well as her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The city’s congratulations were offered by second mayor sabine riebner, who also congratulated in her capacity as deputy chairman of the local CSU association. KAB chairman wolfgang haas, ADAC chairman bernd legal, the local chairman of the women’s union, kathrin roth, and melita braun as representative of the district association of the women’s union also wished gunda muller all the best on her honorary day.

Birgit finzel is assisted by four representatives

Birgit finzel is assisted by four representatives

New elections were held at the annual meeting of the untermerzbach branch of the CSU on friday evening at the kneuer inn. Birgit finzel, district and municipal councillor, is at the helm of the local CSU for another two years. It has four equal deputies.

The new election was chaired by robert bohla, sandra schramm and ulrike kohler. Committee chairman robert bohla had an easy job, as candidates were available for every position. Almost everything remained the same.