Water rescue is ready for the new season

Water rescue is ready for the new season

In bright sunshine, the kulmbach waterwatch local group opened the 2018 swimming season at the outdoor pool with the traditional swim-up. With the swim, which focused on a rescue exercise, the kulmbach local group documented that it will be present for safety at the oberauhof and the open-air swimming pool in the coming summer months and will provide water rescue and sanitation services in alternation with the DLRG. At oberauhof the local group kulmbach is supported by the local groups mainleus and himmelkron.

No regrowth problems

The local group is well on the way in the training of the active and in the youth work. Currently, the group has 23 active members and 57 children from 7 to 15 years old.

“Prio one” has rescue and care service

The meeder red cross rescue squad is a committed community that not only provides sanitary services, but is also active in care services. The preparedness team consists of 41 members who serve on a voluntary basis.
Review of the past year by yvonne brautigam. 605 people came to the five blood donation events, 15 of them were first-time donors. At the basic "supervision" course lukas bahring and marcel meyer took part and martin and lukas bahring as well as the on-call leader took part in the digital radio course in neustadt.
Martin and lukas bahring and yvonne brautigam as well as a comrade from bad rodach were sent to the G7 summit in krun. Brautigam reported long and turbulent days with daily hygiene monitoring by the health department.
Refugee care at the BGS hall in coburg began in july and is still ongoing. They received support from the marienvereine meeder and wiesenfeld.
In total, the team has contributed 6876 volunteer hours, which include catering, sanitation, blood donation, fundraising, in-house training, administration and other operations and activities.
Sabine weber discussed the inputs and outputs. The largest expenditure item is the installation of digital radios. The discharge of the treasurer and the board was unanimous. The fact that not only rescue services but also care services are provided in meeder was made clear by the leader’s report. Extensive training is necessary for supervision. The 25th anniversary of the fire department association will take place on 6. May instead. For services in the BRK were distinguished: ten years isabell meyer; 15 years bettina weber, max lorenz, yvonne brautigam; 35 years martin and sabine bahring; 40 years norbert hofer and gerold weber.

Billions in aid for greece agreed

billions in aid for greece agreed

Others saw the chance for a new start for the heavily indebted eurozone: "the decision (…) is significant because it keeps greece in the euro and gives the country a rough chance to get out of the vicious circle of recession and over-indebtedness," stressed finance minister ioannis stournaras.

The leader of the second largest coalition party pasok, evangelos venizelos, spoke of a "new start that the country needs after nine months of waiting". Fotis kouvelis of the democratic left called the agreement a "decisive step for the country’s remaining in the euro".

Power struggle at front national escalates: le pens vice leaves

power struggle at front national escalates: le pens vice leaves

Open crisis in the far-right front national (FN) in france: vice president florian philippot leaves the party after a dispute with leader marine le pen. Philippot, long considered one of le pen’s closest confidants, made the announcement on thursday.

Followers of philippot announced they would follow him. After the recent election defeats, there were considerable tensions within the party, which have now come to the surface. EU deputy philippot (35) is seen as an opponent of the community preservation euro. However, as the FN’s anti-european course failed to resonate with voters in the spring presidential and parliamentary elections, philippot came under pressure. Leaving the euro is not a political priority for him, FN secretary general nicolas bay told the radio station franceinfo.

Retained team continues at the top

In the center of the with 47 participants very well visited annual general meeting of the TV unterwallenstadt in the club house stood apart from numerous honors the new election of the entire executive committee, with which the guidance duo with manfred robisch and eberhard lips, preserved for decades, just like the third chairman georg herold, acting since two years, received a unanimous vote.
The total result of the new elections: 1. Chairman: manfred robisch, 2. Chairman and treasurer: eberhard lips, 3. Chairman: georg herold, secretary: stefan lips, youth officer: laureano alvarez, seniors officer: petra pfadenhauer, property officer: gunther pfadenhauer, treasurers: karl-heinz scholz and jurgen bergner, committee members: irmgard springer, irene kosok, jurgen bergner, heinrich bechmann, clarissa steiner, katharina lips, pauline heinze; economic committee: josefine herold, hildegard lambrighs, gisela minsch, ingrid scheer, sabine scholz, sandra lips, kerstin scholz, laureano alvarez, helga lips, lubi krajcik, kerstin ruscher, iris bergner; department head: gymnastics: petra pfadenhauer, deputy: barbara bechmann, table tennis: christa herbst-seifert, fubball: thomas schuster, deputy: matthias dinkel, hike leader: gunter lutz, flag delegation: gunther pfadenhauer and gunther rasch.
The annual general meeting also provided the framework for honors. The following were honored for 15 years with TVU: gerhard and brigitte klingner, siegfried and natalie herrmann, bernd schuster, jutta glatzer, wolfgang haas; 20 years: margit mohr, ralf schuberth; 25 years: kurt and claudia sunkel; 30 years (BLSV pin of honor in silver): marliese breunlein, annemarie and paul kraub, matthias dinkel, hans ruscher; 40 years (BLSV pin of honor in gold): brunhilde ruscher.
The chairman manfred robisch could report in his detailed activity report about a pleasing development of the association. TVU offers a wide range of sports activities in the fields of gymnastics, table tennis, hobby football and hiking and also offers interesting social events and trips.
He particularly emphasized that last year the TVU was one of the first clubs to be awarded the quality seal "senior-friendly club" for its exemplary work in senior sports was honored. This is gratifying, he says, because seniors make up the largest group in the association, which currently has just under 500 members (40 percent). Children and young people are also strongly represented with 32 percent.
The treasurer and 2. Chairman eberhard lips emphasized that the association is on a sound financial footing. A major expense was the purchase of a new lawn mower.
The reports of the department heads petra pfadenhauer (gymnastics and senior sports), christa herbst-seifert (table tennis), volker zillig (soccer), and gunter lutz (hiking) were extensive. The latter announced the five-day hiking and cultural trip to undiscovered friuli in september as a further highlight. The first day hike this year is the traditional round hike between lichtenfels, staffelberg and uetzing.
In order to strengthen the new generation in the association, it is important to inspire young people for sports, emphasized the youth director laureano alvarez. The TVU has to offer here with child gymnastics, jazzdance, child dance and table tennis a varied offer. The children's summer festival was again very well received.
Among the many events of the past year, which christa robisch recalled as chairwoman of the economic committee, the four-day trip to the puster valley in october stood out. This year's trip of the association goes from 11. To 14. October to the baltic sea. After 37 years of service in this position, christa robisch was bid farewell by the chairman, her husband manfred robisch, with a flower present. The association honored her four decades of dedication to TV unterwallenstadt by making her an honorary member.