Birgit finzel is assisted by four representatives

Birgit finzel is assisted by four representatives

New elections were held at the annual meeting of the untermerzbach branch of the CSU on friday evening at the kneuer inn. Birgit finzel, district and municipal councillor, is at the helm of the local CSU for another two years. It has four equal deputies.

The new election was chaired by robert bohla, sandra schramm and ulrike kohler. Committee chairman robert bohla had an easy job, as candidates were available for every position. Almost everything remained the same.

As usual

Chairwoman was again birgit finzel. She is assisted as equal representatives by dieter reisenweber, robert bohla, hans-peter hohn and sandra schramm. Treasurer is irene schulz, secretaries are ulrike kohler and susanne bartelmann. The assessors are winfried kohler, ralph morgenroth, alfons schulz, silvia reisenweber, sandra stehning and frank kohler.

Treasurer irene schulz reported that the local association had made a small profit.

In her report, birgit finzel said that the local association currently has 53 members, 32 male and 21 female. Three new members joined in 2018 and two in 2019.

The chairwoman went into events of the last few months, naming the three-day trip to munich with visits to various sights and the visit to the bavarian state parliament with mdl steffen vogel. The local association participated in the christmas market in untermerzbach with delicacies made by 27 women at home. "There was a concert with a small delegation of the brass orchestra of ebern followed by a cosy get-together", said birgit finzel. Here deserving members were honored. She also recalled the fish dinner and the participation in the carnival parades in memmelsdorf and untermerzbach. "The theme was "security under the european umbrella and we are colorful, said finzel, who also addressed visits to various festivals and political events. The chairwoman’s report ended with an outlook on eight upcoming events in 2019 and a comprehensive vote of thanks.

A look at district politics

Jurgen sippel and winfried kohler were appointed as auditors. Delegates for the district assembly were birgit finzel, robert bohla, sandra schramm, hans-peter hohn, dieter reisenweber and ralph morgenroth. Substitute delegates are frank kohler, ulrike kohler, nadine and sebastian hundt, silvia reisenweber and winfried kohler. Finally, chairwoman finzel spoke about district and municipal politics.

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