Best riflemen gekurt

Best riflemen gekurt

42 shooters accepted the invitation of the shooters club meeder to the sixth service rifle shoot. This ordnance rifle shooting with open sights or telescopic sight enjoys great popularity among sport shooters. The rifles used were built before 1945 and are usually over a hundred years old.

There were different scores: individual scores in the "open class" with telescopic sight, individual scores in the "veteran" discipline and the veteran team rating (from both disciplines).

In the "open class with telescopic sight karl-heinz blumig won with 96 rings (five inside ten) ahead of klaus geibler (96, four inside ten), both from schutzenverein meeder, and michael simon (89) from SSV schutzengrund.

In the "discipline veteran open sights won armin putz with 100 rings (eight inside ten) ahead of manfred gildner (100, five inside ten), both from the sg coburg, and klaus geibler (100) from the schutzenverein meeder.

In the veteran team competition there were the following results: 1. SSV schutzengrund (michael simon, peter buckreus, ralf muller) with 291 rings, 2. Meeder 1 (arne bauer, karl-heinz blumig, klaus geibler) with 290 rings, 3. Meeder 2 (mario scheler, udo franz, christian huttner) with 283 rings.

At the award ceremony by the head custodian matthias blumig could be won in addition to the certificates and cash prizes and in a separate raffle scatter prizes. To shorten the waiting time during the pushing phase, there was the possibility to try out the technique of throwing an axe at a target or to try one’s hand at pushing a bow.

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