Ballet nordhausen dances in coburg

The ballet company of the nordhausen theater was founded at the beginning of the 2016/2017 season as "ballet TN LOS!" Under the leadership of ballet director ivan alboresi newly formed. Twelve dancers from currently eight nations dance in two new rough ballet evenings each season, as well as in a chamber dance evening choreographed by themselves. The spectrum ranges from the rough ballet classic "swan lake to premieres like the commissioned ballet "the cranes of ibykus", composed by christoph ehrenfellner for the ballet in nordhausen.

For the landestheater coburg the guests from nordhausen will perform the choreography "if i go" dance. This became the exhibition opening "the beautiful reaper" created at the kunsthaus meyenburg nordhausen and on 24. March 2018 premiered there. The dance shows the eternal cycle that leads to death, but also the charm that death has.

Every year the ballet of nordhausen creates two rough evening ballets, at least the first of which is performed live by the "loh-orchester sondershausen" is accompanied. "Romeo and juliet, the second contribution to the ballet gala in coburg, had its premiere at the theater nordhausen in autumn 2017 and has since been shown there and in the repertoire of the theater rudolstadt. In the pas de deux, the balcony scene, romeo and julia, the children from hostile families, confess their love to each other.

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