Bad kissingen’s luitpoldbad: a venue for musicals

Eliza doolittle has a special relationship with bad kissingen. It has been there several times. The flower girl is the main character of the musical classic my fair lady, which has already seen numerous performances in bad kissingen. And when eliza doolittle returns in august 2020, she will even help to fill a painful gap.

This hole is the inner courtyard of the luitpoldbad, an impressive new venue for bad kissingen after the completion of the renovation and conversion of the former bathhouse into an administrative center in fall 2017. So far, the new possibilities have been used depending on the occasion, i.E. Rather selectively. My fair lady was able to contribute to turning the selective use into a structural use.

As the staatsbad gmbh and depro dienstleistungen gmbh, based in gemunden/wohra in upper hesse, have now announced in a press release, they are jointly planning the bad kissing festival in august 2020 with the musical. The venue is to be the inner courtyard of the behordenzentrum, which until now has only been used occasionally for festivals or open-air concerts.

Bad kissingen festival

Bad kissinger festspiele, what exactly that will mean, the cure director sylvie thormann and event manager bruno heynen of the staatsbad gmbh as well as michael deuker, managing director of depro dienstleistungen gmbh, in their joint announcement not yet exactly determined. The project has probably not yet been planned down to the last detail either. When asked, anna zimmermann, project manager at depro, confirms that "at least ten performances" have been planned for bad kissingen of the musical, perhaps more, are to be expected.

In 2014, the production, directed by peter radestock, has already been performed at the castle festival in amoneburg, central hessen. The ensemble of that production will reunite in bad kissingen in 2020, state spa gmbh and depro announce. According to reports in the hessian media at that time, the musical was also performed ten times in the smaller amoneburg.

Playing: christin deuker in the lead role of eliza doolittle, manfred gorr as professor henry higgins. And david gerlach as supreme pickering. Director radestock also appears as an actor. He plays eliza’s father.

"We have been considering bad kissingen for such an open-air production for several years", michael deuker is quoted in the press release. Should the first bad kissingen festival be the success that was hoped for, depro dienstleistungen gmbh has stated that it will strive for further involvement in subsequent years.

This was already foreshadowed a few weeks ago in a completely different context. When the organizers of the sachs franken classic recently. When they presented the first edition of their oldtimer rally, they introduced michael deuker to the audience. Not only did he drive himself, but after sachs leaves, he and his company will take on the role of the rally’s namesake. And this cooperation, it was said at the time, is designed for the long term. Already on this occasion there was talk of plans to become involved as an organizer in bad kissingen.

Oh yes, eliza doolittle’s connection to bad kissingen goes back further than just the premiere of my fair lady in 1956. The flower girl is not only the main character of the musical classic, but also of george bernard shaw’s comedy pygmalion, on whose plot the musical is based. Shaw corrected the first proofs of pygmalion, which also became a worldwide success after its premiere in vienna in 1913, on which occasion he did so? In august 2012, during a stay with his wife and brother-in-law in bad kissingen.

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