Vr-bank donates a total of 9000 euros to nine schools

Vr-bank donates a total of 9000 euros to nine schools

The VR-bank oberfranken mitte’s annual donation to the schools in the kronach area, where it is possible to obtain a higher degree than the quali, has already become a tradition.

Division director hans-jurgen mohrle was pleased to be able to support a wide variety of measures and purchases at schools again this year. "We owe the available funds to our loyal "profit savers", mohrle was quoted as handing over the donation checks to the representatives of the nine recipient schools together with the heads of the business units thomas kolb (kronach main office), rene borke (pressig) and frank wicklein (steinbach/wald). Profit savings is a clever combination of savings and lottery. Four euros are saved from the five-euro monthly lottery ticket. One euro is used for the raffle, where there are great prizes to be won. Just a short time ago, a winner from the pressig branch was able to enjoy a main prize of 10,000 euros. 25 cents of every ticket is used to support charitable and benevolent institutions, facilities and associations – in keeping with the cooperative spirit of the founder of the raiffeisengenossenschaft, friedrich wilhelm raiffeisen. The cooperative concept is also what distinguishes his bank from other credit institutions. Unlike other banks, the VR bank pays a dividend to its customers. In this context, mohrle pointed out that anyone can become a member of the VR bank.

Humpfner takes over

At the annual general meeting of the SC markt heiligenstadt, the post of chairman was filled again. Following the planned retirement of hartmut klein at the end of 2017, the members unanimously elected dieter humpfner, who had been acting as second chairman, as his successor. New deputy is stefan reichold.
After a one-year vacancy, reiner braungart has made himself available for the office of construction and maintenance. The fubball department also has a new head, stefan reichold.
He replaces erich dorsch, who has been acting temporarily for several years. The latter remains with the association as an honorary officer.
In previous meetings, the team around "das sport-echo" were with fabian gorg at the helm and matthias potzel won over for public relations work in addition marion baier and ralph sponsel support the work of peter bachmann in the economic enterprise.
After the by-elections, the meeting was a little bit lively. The sporting achievements of all youth and senior departments were highlighted. All speakers thanked the outgoing chairman hartmut klein.
In the 20 years of its board work, the association has had to jump over many an organizational hurdle and avoid financial pitfalls. Mayor helmut kramer praised the work of the SC.
Finally, chairman dieter humpfner announced an evening of honors.

“Mega!” – downhill racers jocher and ferstl lose olympic ticket

While the german skiing hopes andreas sander and romed baumann waved their hands in disappointment, simon jocher and josef ferstl looked almost unbelievably at the scoreboard at the finish of the venerable saslong.

"It does not want to work out yet. It feels as if insecurities have crept in," said vice world champion sander after his eleventh place in the downhill world cup. Countryman romed baumann finished 18th on the fube of the langkofel with the victory of the u.S. American bryce bennett. "It was saublod, it pulled my skis apart," the 35-year-old analyzed his ride.

Water rescue is ready for the new season

Water rescue is ready for the new season

In bright sunshine, the kulmbach waterwatch local group opened the 2018 swimming season at the outdoor pool with the traditional swim-up. With the swim, which focused on a rescue exercise, the kulmbach local group documented that it will be present for safety at the oberauhof and the open-air swimming pool in the coming summer months and will provide water rescue and sanitation services in alternation with the DLRG. At oberauhof the local group kulmbach is supported by the local groups mainleus and himmelkron.

No regrowth problems

The local group is well on the way in the training of the active and in the youth work. Currently, the group has 23 active members and 57 children from 7 to 15 years old.

“Legend alarm” on the music base at the soundcheck on saturday

Next saturday, 19. January, the herzogenaurach music initiative (MIH) continues its "soundcheck" series away. Two bands will perform, which are members of the MIH and respectively have their rehearsal rooms at the music base. Admission is free, but donations are requested. Chairman thomas schonfelder points this out. This time, he reports, there is once again absolute legend alarm on the club stage of the music base"!" Because musicians are performing who can no longer be counted among the newcomers. Thomas "smiley schonfelder is referring on the one hand to the long-established herzogenaurach band "tuff enough and on the other hand the equally experienced all-star musicians of "funk floyd.

Tuff enough" at the altstadtfest 2016 rocking the castle courtyard for the first time in this line-up after a break of almost 25 years. On saturday, there will be a further addition: together with "funk floyd" the classics of the local music scene are on stage at the herzogenaurach music initiative.

Air berlin repays part of the 150 million loan

Air Berlin repays part of the 150 million loan

The federal government has withheld part of its 150-million-euro bridge loan for insolvent air berlin. A part of the k-loan was repaid on friday, a spokesman for the airline said, without naming any sums.

Financial circles confirmed media reports that air berlin had repaid a good 40 million euros to k. "B.Z."And "bild"-newspaper had reported about it.

Municipal councils had no reason to debate

Municipal councils had no reason to debate

Unanimity prevailed at the most recent meeting of the market town council. The council members approved several building applications and had no objections to two of bad kissingen’s projects. It was all about the urban land use planning. "That was a "land reclassification, gerhard zeller, the municipality’s chief executive officer, told this editorial office. A mixed-use area in bad kissingen is now to be allocated to the public school sector. "This does not affect the needs of the market." the committee therefore raised no objections. The same applied to the inclusion of the completed trench construction work between garitz and wittershausen in the land use plan. The building application of the company wolf-haus in gefall was also approved by the council. "A lot has been invested there in the past few years. Now the parking lots are to be better organized", according to zeller. For this, an intervention in the land is necessary. "That’s a lot of earthmoving." the two other building applications also met with a positive response. "In case a residential building is to be renovated. We as a municipality are naturally pleased", zeller commented on one of the proposals. The project of a builder in wollbach was also approved. "But: as a municipality, we also point out that a rough construction site is approaching." this has consequences for the access to the building site. Because the upcoming trench and civil engineering works make a full closure of the brunnengasse indispensable.

Gerhard schott celebrated 75. Birthday

Gerhard schott from kupferberg was honored with many awards on his 75th birthday. Schutteln's birthday, which he celebrated at the schiffauer inn. At the head of the crowd of congratulators, the three children michaela, tanja and markus, together with the two grandchildren emma and philipp, wished the many-sidedly committed jubilarian all the best and continued good health.

Father adrian manderla and church administrator waldemar hebda expressed the best wishes and blessings of the church. For the town of kupferberg mayor alfred kolenda gave a performance. He thanked the caretaker of the local group kupferberg of the frankenwaldverein, who keeps the 15 resting benches placed around the small mining town in good order.