And what is your vision for bamberg 2050??

Now it's up to all the burgers! On 27. January, almost 40 FT readers wrote hundreds of post-its and, under the guidance of moderators and experts, developed many ideas for the future of the city – such as the "car-free city" or a "burgerhaus" or a "burgerhaus" as a place for encounters. At the "bamberg 2050" think tank the topics were mobility, work, housing, education and communication.

The results of the workshops and the keynote speech by manfred riederle, deputy manager of the bavarian city council, were presented by the "graphic recorder" ulrike mahr (kronach) in pictures and catchy texts. These small works of art are now on display in the town hall. And what's more: they want to encourage all visitors to write down their own visions for the future of the cathedral and world heritage city and to submit them by the end of the exhibition on the 15th. Marz to give away.

Mayor and education officer christian lange (CSU) opened the exhibition in the hallway after the infothek on the first floor on thursday together with the deputy VHS director christine sunkel and the FT local boss michael memmel. The idea of the denkwerkstatt was developed jointly by the volkshochschule and the frankischer tag and implemented in the publishing building of mediengruppe oberfranken. "With this exhibition here in the town hall, we are keeping our promise to make the results of the think tank accessible to all citizens of burgundy, said long. He praised the special commitment of the people of bamberg "who have thought about the future of our city".

With rough passion

Editor michael memmel emphasized: "it was impressive with which passion the bamberger brought in their ideas at the think tank. Now I am curious about further visions from the burgerschaft."

For christine sunkel, the format of the think tank fits perfectly with the concept of the volkshochschule: "we offer education and participation at a high level and do this in a way that is generally understood by all citizens. Through the exhibition and its striking images, the many results can be better brought to the point, and the 'lecture' also makes fun."

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