And the name is: archie harrison mountbatten-windsor

And the name is: archie harrison mountbatten-windsor

The youngest member of the british royal family is archie harrison mountbatten-windsor. This announced prince harry (34) and his wife meghan (37) on instagram.

A royal title like his parents, officially the duke and duchess of sussex, will not be given to the little one, as a spokeswoman for buckingham palace said. "It is called master archie," said the speaker. "Master" in english is the distinguished form of address for a child.

Bookmakers were betting on names such as alexander, arthur, albert, james and philip. The name archie, on the other hand, was considered a surprise in great britain.

Archie is the eighth great-grandchild of queen elizabeth II.. The 93-year-old queen and her husband prince philip (97) met archie at windsor castle. Buckingham palace has not yet announced whether or what title the baby will be given. The child was born with a slight delay on monday.

"He’s really quiet," meghan said at the presentation of their deep-sleeping son. "It’s magical, it’s totally great. I have the two best boys in the world, i’m really happy," meghan gushed to journalists at windsor castle. She wore a sleeveless cream-colored dress, he a gray suit with tie.

At the photo session, too, the two proved that they want to be a modern couple by royal standards: it was harry, not meghan, who lovingly held their slumbering son in his arms. The 37-year-old woman repeatedly stroked the head of her baby, who was wearing a little hat, and the arm of her husband. On 19. May is the first wedding anniversary for the couple.

The little family was in high spirits. Meghan raves about the sublime nature of her son. Harry joked: he does not know who gave it to the child. When asked who the little one was named after, meghan replied: "we’re still trying to find out."

The youngest royal weighed just under 3.3 kilograms at birth. The boy is seventh in line to the throne – directly after his father.

The little one is the fourth grandchild of prince charles. The 70-year-old heir to the throne and his wife camilla (71) are on a trip to germany.

In leipzig on wednesday, prince charles spoke with former gdr burgher rights activists. He expressed his admiration for the courage of the freedom fighters, said one of the co-organizers of the protests in leipzig, stephan bickhardt, after the talk in the nikolai church of the deutsche presse agency. After berlin, saxony was the second stop on the four-day visit. From thursday the pair is in munich.

Bavaria’s minister president markus soder (CSU) gives the youngest scion of the royal family a pair of leather trousers. "Congratulations on the birth of the youngest grandson v prince charles u duchess camilla," soder wrote on the short message service twitter. Bavarian spirit" should accompany the little one from the start with the costume.

Hollywood star george clooney (58) has mixed feelings about the birth of the royal baby – on the day of his birthday of all days. "I was a little irritated because the kid really steals my thunder," clooney joked tuesday night (local time) at the premiere of his film "catch-22" in los angeles. Clooney is friends with harry and meghan and was also a guest at their wedding.

Harry and meghan had insisted that the circumstances surrounding the birth are a private matter. They had even managed to keep the baby’s birthplace a secret. Possibly the child was born in the house of the couple on the land of windsor castle.

According to rumors, meghan could also have secretly gone to the private portland clinic in london. Many celebrities have given birth to their offspring in this hospital.

Prince william (36) joked at an official appointment that he now welcomes his brother harry as a new father in the society for lack of sleep. William already has three children: louis (1), charlotte (4) and george (5).

Meghan’s mother from california is also staying in windsor at the moment to support the little family. Who will permanently help with the upbringing of the child, however, is not yet known.

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