All hunting dogs proved their usefulness, whether for tracking or for shooting

In the past few days, twelve dog handlers and their dogs passed the usability test. For this they had met weekly during the last half year under the guidance of rosel holzner and ursula kilgenstein at the altach in habfurt for exercise.

After the hunting horn blowers had opened the day of the test, hermann langguth outlined the necessity of the dogs required by law to be suitable for hunting. Afterwards, rosel holzner, as training manager, encouraged her proteges once again and drew lots for the two test groups.

Obedience and testing expert

During the test the harnesses had to master different situations. The dogs were divided into obedience and test subjects before the shot and after the shot. In the obedience competition, the future hunting dogs proved their skills in the roll call, in the behaviour at the stand and in the leash behaviour. In the tests after the shot the dogs and their handlers showed their skills in working out a sword track, in getting lost in the forest, in the field and in the water and in the behavior on the found game.

To the delight of all participants the judges confirmed the usability of their dogs to all participants. Now the dog handlers egon ekart with german-shorthair "vera" can compete, herbert heilmann with german-shorthair "viola, thomas hoch with german hunting terrier "kyra, uwe hofmann with german hunting terrier "johnny, johanna kerzinger with german-shorthair "leo, emil klopf with german hunting terrier "peggy, bjorn kuhnel with german watchdog "harry, peter lechner with german hunting terrier "pitt, franz reichert with german-longhair "karlo, rudolph with cocker spaniel "wolf, georg schmidt with german wirehaired "hanka and florian zieg with weimaraner "collin pursuing their passion with their dogs in their home territory.

Also next year there will be a dog course for the usability test. Interested people register with rosel holzner.

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