A motor for the partnership with the city of ebern

At the patronage festival st. After a procession through the village, klaus knapp, master of the old castle of st. James in strass in the zillertal valley, was awarded honorary citizenship of his community during a ceremony. Klaus knapp was a councillor for 30 years and mayor of the partner community of the city of ebern for 18 years until 2014. He was very committed to the partnership with ebern. For this reason, mayor jurgen hennemann and former mayor herrmann did not miss the opportunity to take part in the ceremony in front of the town hall in strass.
In bright sunshine, the current mayor karl eberharter and herwig van staa, governor of a.D., the merits of klaus knapp for his community.

Many visits and encounters

Mayor hennemann presented the greetings of the city council and the city of ebern to the partner municipality strass in the zillertal valley and emphasized the commitment of klaus knapp for the partnership of the two municipalities, which was founded in 1980. In the 38 years of partnership there have been many visits and encounters, and friendships have developed. For this, people like klaus knapp are needed to accompany this and serve as a motor, hennemann said in his greeting.
"You, as a tourism chairman and then as a mayor, have always cultivated the partnership and ensured that people could meet each other. From this point of view, you more than deserve the honor", said hennemann. It is important to organize meetings across national borders and to bring people together. There is no better protection against exclusion, prejudice and racism.

"Ebern traffic circle" created

Hennemann also thanked klaus knapp for the creation and design of an "ebern traffic circle" in strass at the local access road in the office time knapps and for the always pleasant cooperation. The partnership should continue to be filled with life.
Mayor hennemann announced a visit from ebern and invited the strassians to the 2019 old town festival in ebern. This was possible again, after the new pastor had cancelled the clash of dates between the old town festival and the patron saint's day festival. Jakobus in strass by a postponement have dissolved.

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